10 Interesting Facts about NewJeans, the Girl Group that Steal the Public’s Attention

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potrait NewJeans (instagram.com/newjeans_official)

NewJeans is one of the girl groups under the auspices of ADOR and HYBE. This 5-member group debuted on July 22 2022 with their main single entitled “Attention”.

Since their first debut, NewJeans has managed to attract public attention, especially K-Pop lovers. How could it not be, NewJeans’ appearance both in the music video and on stage looked very stunning. 

Although they are still newcomers, their catchy songs are played all over South Korea and are on international radio stations. In addition, the members of NewJeans have become brand ambassadors of famous brands in the world so that currently NewJeans is one of South Korea’s it girls.

Are you even more curious about this girl group? Come on, see their interesting facts!

1. There are members who are of mixed Vietnamese-Australian blood

Hanni NewJeans
potrait Hanni NewJeans (instagram.com/newjeans_official)

It turns out that not all NewJeans members are Korean. Haerin, Minji, and Hyein are from Korea, Danielle is Korean-Australian, while Hanni is Vietnamese-Australian. Hanni was born on October 6, 2006 in Melbourne, Australia. Hanni’s real name is Pham Ngoc Han and is commonly called Hanni Pham.

2. The youngest member of NewJeans was born in 2008

Hyein NewJeans
potrait Hyein NewJeans (instagram.com/newjeans_official)

Hyein is the youngest maknae or member in NewJeans who was born in 2008. She just turned 15 on April 21st. Although still very young, Hyein has been appointed as the brand ambassador of the famous brand in the world, namely Luis Vuitton. 

3. NewJeans members have good English skills

NewJeans members have good English skills
potrait member NewJeans (instagram.com/newjeans_official)

Different from other girl groups , all members of NewJeans can speak English well even though only two members are of non-Korean descent.

4. Every NewJeans song has an MV

Every NewJeans song has an MV
potrait NewJeans (instagram.com/newjeans_official)

NewJeans debuted with their first album entitled “New Jeans” and released four songs namely “Hurt, “Hype Boy”, “Cookie” and “Attention”. Interestingly, every song on this album has an MV, you know.

5. NewJeans was already popular before debut

NewJeans was already popular before debut
potrait member NewJeans (instagram.com/newjeans_official)

Before NewJeans debuted, they were already popular and caught the public’s attention. That’s because this girl group one has unique characteristics and its own color that has never been seen in Korean girl groups before.

6. The NewJeans look is synonymous with energetic young girls

The NewJeans look is synonymous with energetic young girls
potrait member NewJeans (instagram.com/newjeans_official)

In addition to being beautiful and talented, these five members have impeccable fashion sense and make-up like it girls. They are able to create a comfortable and energetic feel with the typical style of the 2000s. NewJeans songs that sound energetic and catchy focus on the theme of friendship and light love stories of teenagers.

7. NewJeans makes HYBE shares rise

NewJeans makes HYBE shares rise
potrait member NewJeans (instagram.com/newjeans_official)

NewJeans’ debut album sold 311,000 copies in its first week of release. NewJeans became the first girl group to sell the most albums in history on Hanteo, the famous South Korean music chart. This is what makes HYBE’s share price increase by 4.50. Wow, so cool!

8. Have a unique fandom name for the fans

NewJeans Have a unique fandom name for the fans
potrait member NewJeans (instagram.com/newjeans_official) 

Every Kpop group has a fandom name to call the fans. NewJeans has a unique fandom name, namely bunnies or “tokkis” in Korean which means bunny.

9. NewJeans has a cute and attractive lightstick shape

9. NewJeans has a cute and attractive lightstick shape
ilustration lightstick NewJeans (instagram.com/newjeans_official)

Lightstick NewJeans has a funny and attractive shape in white. It is U-shaped and looks like a rabbit, exactly like the fandom name for NewJeans fans.

10. All members are appointed as brand ambassadors of luxury brands

All members NewJeans are appointed as brand ambassadors of luxury brands
potrait Danielle NewJeans (instagram.com/newjeans_official)

Although NewJeans only debuted in 2022, they have already managed to get the attention of luxury brands. Hanni was selected to be the brand ambassador for the Gucci brand since October 28, 2022. Hyein also became an ambassador for Luis Vuitton and was followed by Danielle becoming a global ambassador for Burberry and YSL Beauty. Not stopping there, Haerin was recently announced as a global ambassador for Dior.

That’s 10 interesting facts about HYPE’s new girl group called NewJeans. They are very interesting and unique, yes. No wonder they became very popular and succeeded in stealing the attention of KPop fans even though they are still relatively new. You’ve figured out your bias in NewJeans, haven’t you?

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