3 Korean Singers Accused of Plagiarizing Songs in Early 2023, Who Are They?

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FIFTY FIFTY and IU portraits (instagram.com/we_fiftyfifty | instagram.com/dlwlrma)
FIFTY FIFTY and IU portraits (instagram.com/we_fiftyfifty | instagram.com/dlwlrma)

The saying goes, “the taller the tree, the stronger the wind”. This is what is being felt by a series of South Korean singers, whose songs have recently been accused of plagiarism.

Although not proven true, the accusation of plagiarism is very highlighted, you know. Moreover, FIFTY FIFTY to LE SSERAFIM, is now at the peak of popularity. Here are 3 South Korean singers who were accused of plagiarizing songs in early 2023. Check this out!


FIFTY FIFTY Portrait (instagram.com/we_fiftyfifty)
FIFTY FIFTY Portrait (instagram.com/we_fiftyfifty)

Back in April, Evrencan Gündüz uploaded a video comparing FIFTY FIFTY’s “Cupid” to her own song on Instagram. In the video, she first played the first verse of “Cupid” while singing it.

Then, he played the song “Sen Aşkımızdan” that he released in 2017 which allegedly sounded very familiar to “Cupid”. However, through his agency FIFTY FIFTY, the producer finally opened up and stated that he had never listened to the Turkish song.

In fact, if there are similarities in the characteristics of the two songs, he considers it commonplace in pop music and not plagiarism. In addition, the accusations of plagiarism that led to FIFTY FIFTY also drew support and defense from KNetz, you know.


LE SSERAFIM portrait (instagram.com/le_sserafim)
LE SSERAFIM portrait (instagram.com/le_sserafim)

In addition to FIFTY FIFTY, LE SSERAFIM, which has just made a comeback through the song “UNFORGIVEN”, has not escaped the accusation of plagiarism. The song is accused of plagiarism from the music to the concept of popular Spanish singer-songwriter Rosalia.

However, during a showcase to celebrate their first full-length album, UNFORGIVEN, LE SSERAFIM denied the plagiarism accusations presented by Lee Chae Won who said the song “UNFORGIVEN” features their own story and message.

Even recently, the songwriter, Isabella Lovestory, also denied the allegations through her Twitter account. According to her, nothing was stolen, because she wrote the song “UNFORGIVEN” herself.

3. IU

IU portrait (instagram.com/dlwlrma)
IU portrait (instagram.com/dlwlrma)

On Wednesday (10/5/2023), an anonymous person reported IU to the police for plagiarizing 6 songs, namely “Good Day”, “The Red Shoes”, “Pitiful”, “Boo”, “BBIBBI”, and “Celebrity”. According to the complainant, Lee Jong Suk’s girlfriend’s songs are very similar to the melody and rhythm of the original works and often use the same chords.

However, since the accusation, EDAM Entertainment immediately gave a rebuttal and filed a complaint with the investigation agency through a law firm about the plagiarism allegations against the artist. In fact, on Friday (5/12/2023), the agency appointed a specialized copyright law firm to straighten out the plagiarism allegations.

“Summarizing what has been confirmed through investigative agencies and media reports so far, the complainant did not raise suspicions of plagiarism against the composer, but only against IU. It appears that the unreasonable third party, by making accusations against IU, is only trying to damage the artist’s image,” said the agency.

But despite being hit by the issue of plagiarism, a series of Korean singers above even received support and defense from KNetz, you know. In fact, their songs that are accused of plagiarism are still loved by many people.

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