5 Characters Breaking Up in Love in Kdrama Stories

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Han Ji-pyeong’s character in the Korean drama Start-Up (instagram.com/seonho__kim)

Talking about kdrama of course, cannot be separated from the actors and actresses who play the characters in the drama. How the actors and actresses play the characters will always be remembered by the audience. In every Korean drama, of course, there are many couples in it.

But of the many couples created in Korean dramas, it turns out that many couples make some viewers disappointed because the partner or couple they expected was not what they wanted. Here are 5 characters in kdrama who lost in love but won in the hearts of the audience. Come on, see the reviews

1. Jungpal’s character in the Korean drama Reply 1998

Reply 1988 fans are no strangers to the figure of Jungpal, a sad boy who can only keep his feelings for Deok Sun. Yes, he is Ryu Jun-Yeol, one of the Korean actors whose acting captivates many eyes. Ryu Jun Yeol’s name began to soar since his involvement in the drama Reply 1988. Many netizens regretted that the love story of Kim Jung-hwan’s character, commonly called Jungpal, had to end in one-sided applause in a rather unfortunate way.

But fans of this couple can be proud when Ryu Jun-Yeol returned to the spotlight when he was reported to be dating Hyeri Girl’s Day, who was his co-star in Reply 1988. Many fans then cheered and wholeheartedly supported the gossip. Even though they are one-sided in the drama, Kim Jung-hwan and Deok-sun’s love blossoms in real life.

2. Gong Tae-Kwang’s character in the Korean Drama School 2015

footage scene drama Korea School 2015 (instagram.com/wow_kimsohyun)

Yook Sungjae or better known as Sungjae BTOB started his career as an idol who joined the K-Pop group BTOB. In School in 2015, he plays Gong Taek-kwang, a naughty boy who often gets into trouble at school. Behind his annoying attitude, he keeps many wounds. Taek-kwang is a biological child hidden by his father. The father is the principal of the school where he is studying with Eun-byul and Yi-an.

However, her attitude slowly changed since the presence of the new Eun-byul figure, aka Eun-bi. Taek-kwang and Eun-byul’s closeness makes Yi-an uncomfortable. This is where their love triangle story begins. However, at the end of the story, Tae-Kwang has to give up Eun-bi and Yi-an

3. Han Ji-pyeong’s character in the Korean drama Start-Up

Han Ji-pyeong’s character in the Korean drama Start-Up (instagram.com/seonho__kim)

This story begins when one-day Dal-mi’s mother decides to marry a rich man. In-jae’s luxurious life slowly changes his character. Makes him act arrogant and forget Dal-mi as his little sister. Dal-mi is sad and also hates her brother. Knowing that Dal-mi is down because of the loss of her older sister makes her grandmother feel sad too. Finally, Dal-mi’s grandmother finds an idea to make her grandson not sad anymore. Her grandmother asks Ji-pyeong, who coincidentally also nursed her as a child, to become Dal-mi’s pen pal. This is where Dal-mi’s first love story begins. Dal-mi and Ji-pyeong exchange letters frequently.

But Ji-pyeong uses the pseudonym he saw in the newspaper, claiming to be Do-san. Even though he has never met Dal-mi, he falls in love with Ji-pyeong but thinks he is Do-san. Until finally Dal-mi wants to meet Do-san because she competes with her sister. Ji-pyeong and her grandmother panic because Do-san is a character they both wrote. In the middle of the panic, Ji-pyeong tries to find Do-san’s name which he found in the newspaper. Who would have thought, Ji-pyeong managed to find Do-san? Later, Ji Pyeong and Do-san finally meet and they make a deal. The original Do-san will pretend to be the character Do-san who sent letters to Dal-mi.

Even though it started as a pretense, slowly Do-san fell in love with Dal-mi. Conflicts begin to arise when Ji-pyeong finally admits that he likes Dal-mi and that he is the one who has been sending Dal-mi letters. Unfortunately, Ji-pyeong’s love story is one-sided

4. Han Seo Joon’s character in the Korean drama True Beauty

Actor Hwang In-Yeop in the Korean drama True Beauty (instagram.com/hi_high_hiy)

The Korean drama True Beauty has a happy ending story between the characters Su-ho and Ju-Kyung. The ending of this story itself makes Seo-joon’s 2-year love for Ju-Kyung forced to stop. In the end, the fans of Seo-joon’s team had to be disappointed because Seo-joon’s love was one-sided.

Nevertheless, they were still happy with Seo-joon’s very strong attitude at the end of the episode. Fans believe that this is the best ending for Seo-Joon. However, they still wonder why the story in the drama is different from the original story in the webtoon. This made some of Seo Joon’s team cry with the final result of True Beauty

5. Oh Soo-Hyun’s character in the Korean drama Doctor Stranger

footage drama Korea Doctor Stranger (dok.SBS NOW / SBS 공식 채널/Doctor Stranger)

Doctor Stranger begins where when he was a child, Park-hoon (Lee Jong-suk) and his father Park-cheol (Kim Sang-joong) were tricked and sent to North Korea. In North Korea, Park-hoon was trained to become a doctor by his father who was already a famous doctor. Park-Hoon became a genius thoracic surgeon after attending medical school in North Korea. This is where he fell in love with Song Jae-hee (Jin Se-yeon) his childhood friend from North Korea. After Park Hoon’s father died, he tried to escape to South Korea with Jae-hee, but Park-hoon lost contact with Jae-hee and ended up going to South Korea alone while looking for Jae-hee.

In South Korea, Park-hoon begins working as a doctor at a top-class hospital, Myungwoo University Hospital. Here he meets a female doctor, Oh Soo-Hyun (Kang So-ra). In the story, they spend a lot of time together and Park-hoon’s character. However, at the end of the story Park-hoon still chooses Jae-hee his first love since childhood, and makes Oh So-hyun break up. Of course, this made some viewers disappointed because Park Hoon found happiness with So-hyun but he still chose his first love.

The 5 characters above are examples of characters who have to give up their love story along with other characters in the drama. The storyline in the drama as well as other factors forces these characters to not have the expected love. Even so, the characters above have their place in the hearts of the audience. What do you think, are there other characters who suffer the same fate as the characters above? Write your answer in the comments column, OK?

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