5 Former Trainee Reveal Reasons for Leaving YG, Why?

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Han Byul and Euna Kim portrait (instagram.com/hhanbxxl | instagram.com/euna102794)

Many KPop idol trainees have finally decided to leave the agency where they trained, including YG Entertainment. Some of them even revealed the reasons for leaving the agency from BLACKPINK to TREASURE.

Starting from losing goals to not getting the blessing of parents, here are a series of former YG Entertainment trainees who have revealed the reasons for leaving. I wonder why, yeorobun? Check this out!

1. Han Byul

Han Byul portrait (instagram.com/hhanbyxxl)

While participating in Mnet’s survival show, CAP-TEEN, Han Byul briefly revealed her reasons for leaving YG Entertainment. Moreover, she was one of the popular trainees there before deciding to leave.

The Swedish-Korean idol-to-be revealed that despite training from around 12 years old, she eventually dropped out because she never debuted. Han Byul felt aimless and meaningless under YG Entertainment at the time.


Maydoni portrait (instagram.com/maydoni_)

In 2019, soloist MAYDONI uploaded a video on her YouTube channel titled, “I thought they were my family, but this is why I left YG.” She eventually decided to leave due to alleged bribery issues at the company.

According to the former trainee, rich aspiring idols often suddenly joined the company while she was training there. From then on, MAYDONI says she was treated differently, as the staff began to favor rich trainees.

3. Woong AB6IX

Woong AB6IX portrait (twitter.com/AB6IX_MEMBERS)

KPop fans must be familiar with Woong. He is known as the talented main vocal and main dancer of AB6IX. But before joining Brand New Music, he also trained under JYP Entertainment, Woollim Entertainment, and YG Entertainment.

After becoming a trainee at Brand New Music, Woong revealed that he actually did not leave YG Entertainment because of his decision. He explained that then-CEO Yang Hyun Suk suddenly called him and told him that he didn’t need to train anymore.

4. Han Hyun Soo

Han Hyun Soo’s portrait (doc. Living Sense)

A close friend of G-Dragon and Taeyang, Han Hyun Soo, was a BIGBANG supporter when he was a young trainee at YG Entertainment in the early 2000s. However, shortly before his debut, he broke his contract due to his parents’ wishes.

Although it’s not clear what the problem was with YG Entertainment, his parents were strongly against his path and insisted that he return to school. Eventually, Han Hyun Soo went on to study art at Hanyang University and is now a successful designer.

5. Euna Kim

Euna Kim portrait (instagram.com/euna102794)

Before debuting in The Ark and the duo KHAN, Euna Kim was one of the most promising trainees. In fact, she was originally expected to debut in PINK PUNK or what evolved into BLACKPINK. However, Euna surprised everyone by leaving YG Entertainment in 2013.

In an interview with Star News, Euna Kim explained that she left YG Entertainment because the competition was too high. With enough talented trainees around her, she felt inferior and “lacking”.

Surely some of the former trainees above have their own reasons for deciding to leave YG Entertainment. Although it was difficult, but now they have managed to find their own way.

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