5 KPop Girl Bands Whose Members are Considered not Getting Along

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5 KPop Girl Bands Whose Members are Considered not Getting Along
BLACKPINK (instagram.com/blackpinkofficial)

There are many KPop girl bands whose friendships are considered insincere and often involved in conflicts by the public. This usually starts from some trivial misunderstandings, either fan video edits to theories of disputes between them made by certain people.

Such rumors have happened to the following girl groups. The members had to explain because the public misunderstanding didn’t stop with them. Check them out to find out why!


BLACKPINK (instagram.com/jennierubyjane))

Jisoo was a guest star on Lee Youngji’s show My Alcohol Diary back in April. Youngji asked her about the rumors of fighting among BLACKPINK members. Jisoo said that she and her group mates just laugh when rumored to have a bad relationship and full of conflict. For them, it is just a ridiculous rumor.

BLACKPINK knows many people assume they are competing with each other. The members even know people accuse them of fighting just because they don’t post moments of togetherness or support on Instagram. They just laugh it off because it can’t be used as evidence that BLACKPINK has a bad relationship.


SECRET (dok. TS Entertainment)

On Yaman TV in 2015, Secret member Hana revealed her member’s drinking habits. According to her, Sunhwa often complained about various things while drinking alcohol. After the incident, Sunhwa revealed that she only discussed her disappointment about her bad image while drinking with Secret members through her Twitter.

According to Sunhwa, Hana thought she was complaining too much. In fact, she felt that she only talked about her disappointment a little. This led the public to assume that Secret members had a bad relationship. Sunhwa is considered easily offended by Hana’s expression.

As a result, TS Entertainment denied by stating that all Secret members have a close relationship, unlike public accusations. Hyojung also helped set the record straight by stating that Sunhwa’s expression on Twitter was not directed at Hana, but the public who may have misunderstood her drinking habits.


GFRIEND (instagram.com/gfriendofficial)

In 2016, SinB and Umji were accused of not getting along and hating each other. As a result, during the showcase for the LOL album, they denied the rumors.

Umji admitted that she knew that there were many stories circulating about her bad relationship with SinB, and she emphasized that all the stories were untrue. He felt that the rumors started circulating because of some video edits uploaded by irresponsible people. After seeing it, he just laughed and didn’t feel guilty. According to her, all GFRIEND members are so close to each other.


KARA (twitter.com/KARAOFFICIAL329)

Gyuri was considered the leader who was ostracized by KARA members in 2011. Moreover, she once revealed that she did not demand the termination of her contract with DSP Media in an interview. In fact, other members fought to terminate their contracts with the agency at the time because they felt they were treated badly.

One of the acquaintances of KARA members revealed to Newsen that the rumors were not true. Gyuri received great trust from her group mates. She even often comforted other members when they were struggling. Evidently, she also participated in the promotion of KARA’s Move Away reunion album in 2022. So, the bad relationship news is just a rumor.

5. 2NE1

2NE1 (instagram.com/chaelincl)

In an interview with style:X magazine in 2017, Sandara was asked about the rumors surrounding 2NE1 when they disbanded. She stated that their dissolution was a natural occurrence. Even so, the members’ relationship did not change. They are still close to each other.

2NE1 members are still very close and often spend time together. They even always get together when celebrating their debut anniversary. They also don’t forget to always support each other’s individual careers, you know. So, the rumors have been proven untrue.

Rumors of bad relationships or conflicts between a number of KPop girl groups above are apparently not true. Fans certainly know better that their favorite girl group members have a very close relationship, inversely proportional to the rumors that hit them.

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