6 Favorite Characters in Kdrama Doctor Cha, Who’s Your Favorite?

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There’s definitely Cha Jeong Suk and Roy Kim!

Uhm Jung Hwa in Doctor Cha (doc. JTBC/Doctor Cha)

Doctor Cha is one of the most popular medical kdramas of 2023. The story, which discusses the struggle of a housewife to become a specialist doctor, is truly inspirational. In addition, this kdrama also has many comedic and emotional scenes on the topic of infidelity.

There are many iconic characters in this JTBC drama that also airs on Netflix. For example, the audience’s favorite protagonists. Let’s take a look at the six most favorite characters in Doctor Cha below.

1. Cha Jeong Suk

Uhm Jung Hwa in Doctor Cha (doc. JTBC/Doctor Cha)

Cha Jeong Suk (Uhm Jung Hwa) is the main character in Doctor Cha. She stole the hearts of netizens with her resilience as a good mother and wife and is now pursuing a career as a specialist. Cha Jeong Suk’s elegant attitude when she found out about her husband’s infidelity also attracted attention.

2. Roy Kim

Min Woo Hyuk in Doctor Cha (doc. JTBC/Doctor Cha)

As the second lead, Roy Kim (Min Woo Hyuk) is a perfect figure that women adore. He is a competent surgeon professor. But instead of being arrogant, he remains down to earth, friendly, and warm-hearted.

3. Seo Jung Min

Song Ji Ho in Doctor Cha (doc. JTBC/Doctor Cha)

Seo Jung Min (Song Ji Ho) is the first child of Cha Jeong Suk and Seo In Ho (Kim Byung Chul). He followed in his parents’ career footsteps by becoming a doctor. Similar to his mother, he has a gentle temperament and is highly empathetic.

4. Oh Deok Rye

Kim Mi Kyung in Doctor Cha (doc. JTBC/Doctor Cha)

Played by senior actress Kim Mi Kyung, Oh Deok Rye is the mother of Cha Jeong Suk. She is a supportive mother and loves her daughter very much. Her gentle but tough figure is similar to Cha Jeong Suk.

5. Baek Mi Hee

Baek Joo Hee in Doctor Cha (doc. JTBC/Doctor Cha)

Baek Mi Hee (Baek Joo Hee) is a beauty specialist who is also Cha Jeong Suk’s best friend since college. She has now successfully opened her own clinic. Besides Oh Deok Rye, Baek Mi Hee was one of the first people to strongly support Cha Jeong Suk in becoming a doctor again.

6. Seo I Rang

Lee Seo Yeon di Doctor Cha (dok. JTBC/Doctor Cha)

At first, Cha Jeong Suk’s youngest child was annoying. But as the story progresses, Seo I Rang (Lee Seo Yeon) is now one of the favorite characters. Her savage figure makes her dare to defend her mother when she finds out about her father’s infidelity.

The six Doctor Cha characters above have successfully become audience favorites because of the good attitude they show. All of them also have an inspiring and iconic side. Among them, who is your favorite character?

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