6 KPop Idols Have Experienced Severe Damage to Their Hair

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Karina aespa and Lisa BLACKPINK (instagram.com/aespa_official | instagram.com/lalalalisa_m/)

Having beautiful and healthy hair is every woman’s dream, and female KPop idols are no exception. For them, hair is an important aspect to support their appearance and is often in the spotlight of fans.

Usually, idols often color their hair ahead of a comeback to match the concept. However, instead of having beautiful hair with a variety of colors, some of these female idols have to experience damage to their hair due to too frequent coloring and changing models. Who are they? Check this out!

1. Yoona SNSD

Yoona SNSD
Yoona SNSD (instagram.com/yoona__lim/)

In 2017, fans were surprised by the appearance of Yoona SNSD who cut her hair short. This is because the 1990-born idol is used to appearing with her long hair.

In an interview, Yoona revealed that she wanted to try a new model. In addition, she also experienced damage to her hair to the point that it was difficult to comb. So, Yoona decided to cut it so that her hair would grow back and be healthy again.

2. Taeyeon SNSD

Taeyeon SNSD
Taeyeon SNSD (instagram.com/taeyeon_ss/)

Taeyeon is one of the female idols who often changes hair colors and models. It clearly has an impact on the health of her hair. The SNSD girl group leader often complains about the damage to her hair.

In her personal live broadcast, Taeyeon once discussed her hair that was damaged by bleaching or coloring too often. She felt that the texture of her hair was like dry grass. It made her cut her hair many times.

3. IU

IU (instagram.com/dlwlrma/)

Being a prolific soloist who often releases new albums or songs, IU often adjusts her hair color or model according to the theme of the song. She has tried various hairstyles and colors to maximize her performance so that the soloist whose real name is Lee Ji Eun has to feel the damage to her precious crown.

IU even said that she almost cried when washing her hair at night. Her hair is also very difficult to dry and feels stiff. Lee Jong Suk’s lover inevitably had to cut her hair short to grow back.


Lisa BLACKPINK (instagram.com/lalalalisa_m/)

Lisa BLACKPINK is known to color and change her hairstyle very often. Not only for comebacks, even in the event she attended, this idol from Thailand had to adjust her hairstyle to the concept of the event. No wonder Lisa’s hair is often damaged.

In a vlog, Lisa briefly vented about her badly damaged hair until she was forced to trim it. BLACKPINK’s maknae also admitted that her hair is very difficult to grow because of frequent bleaching. Even Lisa finds it difficult to manage her hair without help from the staff. In addition, split hair is also a disturbing thing for her.

5. Danielle NewJeans

Danielle NewJeans
Danielle NewJeans (instagram.com/newjeans_official/)

The name Danielle NewJeans must be familiar to KPopers. Although classified as a rookie and not even a year of debut, NewJeans’ skyrocketing career has made all its members inevitably in the public spotlight.

Fans began to worry that the 18-year-old idol was experiencing signs of baldness. Danielle’s real hair is basically wavy. However, she often straightens her hair to match the concept of her group. Fans hope that the agency will pay more attention to Danielle’s hair health so that it does not have a fatal impact later.

6. Karina aespa

Karina aespa
Karina aespa (instagram.com/aespa_official/)

Aespa successfully held their third mini album comeback entitled My World. In this comeback, Karina looks charming with her blonde hair. Fans adore Karina’s charisma which is even more charming with her new hair. However, apparently it was inversely proportional to Karina herself.

Through Eunchae’s Star Dairy YouTube program, the idol whose real name is Yoo Jimin revealed that she doesn’t want to dye her hair blonde anymore because it makes her hair badly damaged. Karina even likens her hair to a sparrow every time she gets out of the shower. When dried, her hair also suffered from shedding.

The demands of the job made these six girl idols have to be professional and change their hairstyles according to the concept. Hair damage is unwanted and out of their control. For idols, changing hair color and style is not just for fun!

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