8 Korean Actresses Who Have Less Experience in Dating, Unexpected!

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Kim Tae Ri dan Park Eun Bin (instagram.com/management_mmm | instagram.com/eunbining0904)

It’s hard to fall in love, have other priorities, and being busy in the entertainment world are common reasons that make the majority of South Korean actresses lack experience in dating. They expect a sweet love story, but it’s not easy in life. 

Well, the following Korean actresses feel they don’t have many opportunities to date. However, they hope to meet the right partner someday, you know. Come on, see the list!

1. Kim Tae Ri

Kim Tae Ri (instagram.com/kimtaeri_official)

Kim Tae Ri said that she has never loved anyone in an interview in 2022. She does not have a first love, even though she is 31 years old. The actress is worried that she will find it difficult to meet her soulmate for the rest of her life.

Kim Tae Ri feels that her life does not have a romantic story like the drama she starred in. He also hopes to meet a man he likes a lot, like Na Hee Do who he played in the drama Twenty-Five Twenty-One (2022).

2. Cho Yi Hyun

Cho Yi Hyun (instagram.com/yihyun_1208)

In an interview in 2021, Cho Yi Hyun admitted not understanding the meaning of first love. He has never fully loved another person. However, he remains optimistic that he will meet someone who can make him fall in love later.

 That made him feel that there is a big difference between himself and the character he plays, Jin Ji Won, in the drama School (2021). Even so, he can play a character with an interesting love story well.

3. Park Ji Hoo

Park Ji Hoo (instagram.com/03_hu)

In an interview with Tenasia in 2022, Park Ji Hoo admitted that he had never expressed love to the opposite sex. He also has no experience in dating. 

Park Ji Hoo also enjoys his time with a little interest in the love of his life. He thought that it might be the reason why he has never felt love for the opposite sex.

4. Kim So Hyun

Kim So Hyun (instagram.com/wow_kimsohyun)

Kim So Hyun admitted that she has never been in a relationship in an interview in 2018. She knows that others don’t believe her words, but she is completely honest about this. At times, he also had difficulty expressing the character he played because of his lack of romantic experience in his life.

In fact, the cameraman sometimes stated that Kim So Hyun did not express emotions like people falling in love when filming. Therefore, the actress hopes to have a pleasant romantic experience in her life.

5. Seohyun SNSD

Seohyun SNSD (instagram.com/seojuhyun_s)

Seohyun has never been entangled in a courtship scandal during her ten years of career. On the Section TV program in 2019, she stated that the reason was because she did not have much experience in dating.

Seohyun has her own reasons, which is because she prioritizes her work over romance. Even so, he still succeeded in expressing the feelings of the various characters involved in the love story in his drama project well.

6. Kim Ji Won

Kim Ji Won (instagram.com/salt_ent)

In an interview with Newsen in 2014, Kim Ji Won admitted that she had never been in a relationship. He never expressed his feelings to the opposite sex. He only learns about love through books and movies for the sake of his acting project. 

Kim Ji Won finds it difficult to have dating experience after being a trainee at one of the agencies. He even only had two boyfriends at that time. He only felt the experience of romance indirectly through his acting project.

7. Park Bo Young

Park Bo Young (instagram.com/boyoung0212_official)

In an interview in 2017, Park Bo Young said that he actually lacked dating experience. He has never even felt deep sadness because of love problems. That made him not want to take on an acting project in the melodrama genre. 

Park Bo Young refused to take on a role that made him lie about his emotions. That is why, he chooses more roles with pleasant romance. He also hinted that he might have been involved in a serious romance if he later took on an acting project in the melodrama genre.

8. Park Eun Bin

Park Eun Bin (instagram.com/eunbining0904)

In an interview in 2016, Park Eun Bin admitted that she had never dated. He wants to hide this fact, because others usually don’t believe him. He also hates being nicknamed “Motae Solo”, a term for someone who has never been in a relationship.

The nickname makes Park Eun Bin feel as if there is something wrong with him, just because he has not been in a relationship yet. In fact, he is comfortable and does not feel that his single status is embarrassing. He wants a partner who is innocent, kind, can take care of him, and make him feel comfortable. She also hopes that her partner is a man who can guide her to solve various matters related to whatever she does.

Although it is difficult to date, the Korean actress above is actually still good at playing characters with diverse love stories. The story of the characters that they play seems to be in reverse with their real life, here.

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