Kim Seon Ho Birthday, Donate USD 75.500 to Korean Red Cross

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It is common for celebrities in South Korea to give donations to the community on their birthdays. Apart from being a form of gratitude, these donations are also usually intended to help people in need. 

Apparently, Kim Seon Ho is also one of the celebrities who donated on his birthday yesterday, you know. The Korean actor donated his income from fan meetings for young people who are preparing to live independently through the Korean Red Cross.

1. A year after his comeback to the entertainment industry, Kim Seon Ho is already 37 years old

Kim Seon Ho (

Kim Seon Ho is an actor who debuted through a theater drama in 2009. However, his name only started to become popular after he starred in the small screen drama Start-Up (2020). He is known to have been born on May 8, 1986 in Seongbuk-dong, Seoul, even 37 years ago.

Although his name is shining, this actor’s career was threatened because he stumbled into a controversy in 2021. After being proven innocent, Kim Seon Ho only dared to return to the world of entertainment in the middle of last year.

2. Since his comeback, he has diligently greeted fans through fan meetings  ‘One, Two, Three. Smile’

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Before returning to his role on the small screen and debuting on the big screen, Kim Seon Ho had already starred in the theater drama Touching the Void. In the drama, he plays Joe Simpson, one of the first people to climb the west side of Mount Siula Grande.

After the drama ended, the actor was busy traveling around Asia to greet his fans through the fan meeting One, Two, Three. Smile. Several major cities that Kim Seon Ho has visited include Bangkok, Manila, and Hong Kong.

3. He donated the proceeds from the fanmeeting to the Korean Red Cross to celebrate his birthday

Kim Seon Ho (

To celebrate his birthday yesterday, the actor donated a huge amount of money to the Korean Red Cross. The related organization stated that the actor had donated 100 million won (USD 75,500) from the income of his fan meeting.

Because it came from the income of the fan meeting, Kim Seon Ho also said that his donation was a gift from the fans, “This donation is a donation given by the fans. I thank the fans who are always with me.”

4. The donation is intended for thousands of young people who are preparing to lead an independent life

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According to the Korean Red Cross, around 2,500 youths prepare each year to become independent from the childcare system. However, over the past three years, about 20 youths preparing for independence have made extreme choices due to social ignorance.

Therefore, at Kim Seon Ho’s request, his donation will be used for self-reliance development programs for young people preparing to leave the foster care system. The program includes psychological stabilization and provision as a foundation for independence.

5. Kim Seon Ho has often donated hundreds of millions of won to the community

Kim Seon Ho (

This is not the first time Kim Seon Ho donates his income to help the community. Previously, the actor is also known to have donated tens to hundreds of millions of won to the Korean Childhood Leukemia Foundation several times.

Not only that, Kim Seon Ho even donated all his income from the drama Touching the Void to the Hope Bridge Korea Disaster Relief Association. The donation is earmarked to help the victims affected by Typhoon Hinnamnor in Pohang.

Wow, even on his birthday, Kim Seon Ho doesn’t forget to share with others, right? Happy birthday, Kim Seon Ho!

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