The Good Bad Mother Episode 9-10 Scene Prediction, Mystery Revealed?

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trailer for The Good Bad Mother (doc. JTBC/The Good Bad Mother)

The Good Bad Mother has a slow pace in showing pieces of mystery in its plot. Even so, entering episode eight the pieces of the mystery began to be revealed one by one.

Not only that, even in the ninth episode trailer, Choi Kang Ho’s past when he was still a prosecutor began to be shown. The following six scenes are also predicted to occur in episodes 9-10 of The Good Bad Mother.

Attention, this article contains spoilers.

1. Jin Young Soo helps Choi Kang Hoo’s memory recovery to solve a mystery

trailer for The Good Bad Mother (doc. JTBC/The Good Bad Mother)

In the eighth episode, Jin Young Soo (Ra Mi Ran) suddenly realized the clue from the letter Choi Kang Ho (Lee Do Hyun) left before the accident. Jin Young Soo finally found an SD card behind Choi Kang Ho’s first birthday celebration photo frame displayed in his room.

With the SD card, it is estimated that Jin Young Soo will know and understand the contents of the files inside one by one. It is also what Jin Young Soo will use to slowly restore Choi Kang Ho’s memory. The goal is of course to find out the mystery of what really happened or was hidden by Choi Kang Ho before the accident took away the golden age of his career.

2. Choi Kang Ho slowly started to remember what he was doing before the accident happened

trailer for The Good Bad Mother (doc. JTBC/The Good Bad Mother)

Like when Jin Young Soo “forced” Choi Kang Ho to stand up again in the eighth episode, it is not impossible that he will do it again, in order to recover his son’s memory.

With the help of the files in the SD card, flashes of memories can start appearing one by one in Choi Kang Ho’s head. He could then start to remember the things that happened to him, before the accident happened. Of course, if his memory is back the pieces of the mystery that have been untouched will begin to be solved one by one.

3. The evidence that Choi Kang Ho has collected threatens Oh Tae Soo and Song Woo Byeok’s position of power.

trailer for The Good Bad Mother (doc. JTBC/The Good Bad Mother)

One of the causes of Choi Kang Ho’s accident was when he revealed Oh Tae Soo’s (Jung Woong In) DNA test results with the child from his affair with a secretary named Hwang Soo Hyeon (Ki Eun Se).

While Choi Kang Ho was unable to do his usual activities, Oh Tae Soo led the “game”. He is also increasingly focused on running for president with a good image.

Likewise, Song Woo Byeok (Choi Moo Sung) is increasingly determined to “take revenge” on Oh Tae Soo. Because, he wants the public to know who Oh Tae Soo really is. Song Woo Byeok again uses Choi Kang Ho as a tool to destroy Oh Tae Soo.

However, Oh Tae Soo and Song Woo Byeok’s power could be threatened by Choi Kang Ho’s memory recovery. The evidence owned and stored by Choi Kang Ho could also be revealed to the public. This could happen, because Choi Kang Ho got help from his mother.

4. The reason why Choi Kang Ho’s attitude changed, is it just a mask?

trailer for The Good Bad Mother (doc. JTBC/The Good Bad Mother)

One thing that made the audience furious in the early episodes of The Good Bad Mother was Choi Kang Ho’s disobedience to his mother. However, on the one hand, this is also considered by the audience as a result of the wrong upbringing of the mother.

The change in attitude is seen when Choi Kang Ho starts to grow up. He became cold, quick-tempered, and seemed indifferent to his mother’s merits.

However, looking at Choi Kang Ho who prepared everything, knowing that something will happen to him, it is not impossible that his change of attitude is just a mask.

This is because Choi Kang Ho is strategizing to find out the real reason behind his father’s death. It could also be that his father’s death is the reason why Choi Kang Ho became an “evil prosecutor” and utilized his power for unlawful things.

5. The reason why Choi Kang Ho left Lee Mi Joo

Not only Lee Mi Joo (Ahn Eun Jin), the audience also doesn’t even know the real reason why Choi Kang Ho left his girlfriend. The reason is, Choi Kang Ho’s attitude suddenly changed when he was appointed as a prosecutor. Then, he left Lee Mi Joo just like that, even though he had supported her in difficult times.

In episode 9 or 10, it is possible that the reason for this problem will begin to unfold. Because, in the preview of episode 9, there is a cut scene when Choi Kang Ho and Lee Mi Joo are still together. They were seen spending time together, before Choi Kang Ho finally left Lee Mi Joo.

6. Lee Mi Joo’s confession about who Lee Seo Jin and Lee Ye Jin’s real father is

trailer for The Good Bad Mother (doc. JTBC/The Good Bad Mother)

If Choi Kang Ho’s reason for leaving Lee Mi Joo has been revealed, it is possible that the woman is slowly opening her heart. For the sake of her children’s happiness, it could be that Lee Mi Joo started to reveal the facts about who the biological father of her twins is.

The reason is, so far Lee Mi Joo has always hidden the figure from the mother, children, and villagers. The only thing they know is that Lee Mi Joo is married and lives with her husband in the United States. When in reality it never happened at all.

The audience also suspected from the beginning that the biological father of Lee Mi Joo’s twins, Lee Seo Jin (Park Da On) and Lee Ye Jin (Gi So Yoo) was Choi Kang Ho. Because, Choi Kang Ho and Lee Mi Joo once lived together while still in a romantic relationship.

Having a slow tempo, now one by one the mysteries in the drama The Good Bad Mother will begin to unfold. Choi Kang Ho is also slowly recovering and can walk normally as before. However, this progress could actually be an obstacle for Oh Tae Soo to win the election. So, what will happen next with Choi Kang Ho, if the mystery he has been trying to unravel now returns to the surface?

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