10 Yeri Red Velvet’s role in Blue Birthday and Bitch X Rich

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Both high school students, but different personalities

Yeri’s character poster in Blue Birthday (instagram.com)yerimiese) | Yeri’s character poster in Bitch X Rich (instagram.com/wavve.official)

Yeri Red Velvet is one of the Red Velvet members who plunged into acting. She will also make her comeback in 2023 through the web drama Bitch X Rich.

Previously, Yeri managed to show her stunning acting in the web drama Blue Birthday. Her chemistry with Hongseok PENTAGON was praised.

Both in Blue Birthday and Bitch X Rich, Yeri both got the role of a high school student. Even so, there are differences in character and personality from the two roles. Here are ten of Yeri Red Velvet’s role battles in Blue Birthday and Bitch X Rich.

1. In the drama Blue Birthday, Yeri Red Velvet was lined up as the main character named Oh Ha Rin

Yeri Red Velvet in the drama Blue Birthday (instagram.com/playlist_studio)

2. In the time travel genre, Oh Ha Rin is portrayed as a high school student with a cheerful character who manages to steal the show.

Yeri Red Velvet in the drama Blue Birthday (instagram.com/playlist_studio)

3. Although she seems nosy, Oh Ha Rin is always at the forefront when someone hurts the people closest to her.

Blue Birthday drama cast (instagram.com/leesangjun_03)

4. Like Yeri’s character in real life, Oh Ha Rin is also a social butterfly and has many friends.

Blue Birthday drama cast (instagram.com/leesangjun_03)

5. Acting with Hongseok Pentagon, the sweet chemistry between the two who played lovers was also highlighted by the public.

Yeri Red Velvet and Hongseok Pentagon di still cut drama Blue Birthday (instagram.com/playlist_studio)

6. Out of comfort zone, in the drama Bitch X Rich Yeri stepped out of her comfort zone and played a character named Baek Je Na.

Yeri Red Velvet behind the scenes of the drama Bitch X Rich (instagram.com/yerimiese)

7. Baek Je Na merupakan siswi SMA dengan karakter keras kepala dan angkuh, karena lahir dari keluarga konglomerat

Yeri Red Velvet’s character poster in the drama Bitch X Rich (instagram.com/wavve.official)

8. Being the queen of the Diamond 6 club makes Baek Je Na very arbitrary to the students who get scholarships at her school

Bitch X Rich drama poster (instagram.com/sm_actist)

9. Her antagonistic figure, making Baek Je Na successfully feared because of her behavior

Bitch X Rich trailer (instagram.com/yerimiese)

10. Baek Jae Na pun akan akan sering terlibat konflik yang menegangkan dengan Kim Hye In (Lee Eun Saem)

Bitch X Rich trailer (instagram.com/yerimiese)

Through Bitch X Rich, Yeri Red Velvet will show a different side of the character than she usually plays. Bitch X Rich itself will air on May 31, 2023. Well, while waiting for its release, you can watch the drama Blue Birthday first, here.

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