4 Moments that Make Jin Woo in Tell Me that You Love Me Feel Alive Again

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Mo Eun’s presence makes Jin Woo’s life colorful again

kdrama trailer Tell Me That You Love Me (twitter.com/channel_ENA)

The two characters of Tell Me that You Love Me have a relationship that warms the hearts of viewers. Cha Jin Woo (Jung Woo Sung) who feels he lives alone begins to expect many things after getting to know Jung Mo Eun (Shin Hyun Bin).

They often spend time in unusual ways. Jung Mo Eun is the only person who is interested in how Jin Woo lives, and vice versa. So, what moment finally made Jin Woo feel like he was alive again? Check out the answer here.

1. Saved by Jung Mo Eun

kdrama trailer Tell Me That You Love Me (twitter.com/channel_ENA)

Cha Jin Woo has a deep trauma behind a fire incident that happened when he was a teenager. Therefore, he experienced shock when he was trapped in a burning cafe. Luckily at that time Jung Mo Eun came to his rescue.

Jin Woo, who was dazed by the fire around him, came to his senses after receiving Jung Mo Eun’s warm treatment. She gave him a scarf and took him out of the café without thinking about his own danger.

The brief but meaningful incident shook Jin Woo’s lonely life. Moreover, he had lived alone for too long and had difficulty expressing himself in front of others. Since meeting Mo Eun, he can now feel like he’s been reborn.

2. Enjoys his work as a painter

kdrama trailer Tell Me That You Love Me (twitter.com/channel_ENA)

Passion makes Cha Jin Woo live without worry. When he paints, it’s like he’s in a world of his own. Although he earns income from his hobby, Jin Woo actually feels that he is destined to paint.

In addition to his work, he also teaches painting to deaf children. He enjoys his work as if it were his life. It’s no wonder that he never once felt burdened by his work. Instead he looks happy every time he goes to work.

Although still running early episodes, in this drama Cha Jin Woo’s character has inspired the audience through his daily life. This character has taught us to feel enough and be grateful for the talents we have.

3. Seeing the beauty of Jung Mo Eun’s sign language

kdrama trailer Tell Me That You Love Me (twitter.com/channel_ENA)

Jin Woo realized he couldn’t hear as a child, where he thought the piano he was playing was broken because it didn’t produce beautiful melodies. At that time, he started interacting with others using sign language.

During this time, more people were unable to understand his language, so Jin Woo was mostly silent and listened to others through lip movements. In addition, he could hear others only through their expressions.

Seeing Jung Mo Eun sign language, that’s when Jin Woo felt himself living like most people. He could now interact without worrying about the other person’s reaction, as Mo Eun made him comfortable over time.

4. Feeling Jung Mo Eun’s singing

kdrama trailer Tell Me That You Love Me (twitter.com/channel_ENA)

One of Jin Woo’s colleagues gave Ryu Bobi concert tickets. He happened to have heard that Ryu Bobi was one of Jung Mo Eun’s favorite singers. That’s why he really wanted to give the ticket to Mo Eun.

When giving the ticket, Mo Eun unexpectedly invited him to go together. Even though she knew Jin Woo couldn’t hear, she believed he could enjoy music in his own way. Unfortunately, Jin Woo was stuck at the police station and arrived late.

Failing to attend the concert, Mo Eun doesn’t run out of ways to spend time with Jin Woo. She took the initiative to sing and asked Jin Woo to listen. The simple moment no doubt made Jin Woo more accustomed to Mo Eun’s presence.

From the main couple of Kdrama Tell Me that You Love Me, viewers can enjoy romance from a different side. In addition to seeing that deafness is not a limitation, there are many things about the maturation of relationships that can be obtained through Cha Jin Woo’s character.

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