9 Casual Style Ideas with White T-shirts ala Jung So Min, Anti-Fuss!

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Look cool with casual style

Are you looking for casual outfit inspiration that’s perfect for your everyday style? If so, this article is for you. To create a casual style, you can mix and match your favorite outfit with a t-shirt like Jung So Min.

Well, so you’re not curious, just take a peek at the casual style ideas with Jung So Min’s white t-shirt, below. Let’s see the review so you don’t miss it!

1. Look chic in a white t-shirt wrapped in a blue crop blazer, plus a black mini sling bag.

2. Combine a white printed t-shirt with long denim, paired with a black shoulder bag and sneakers. The look is fail-proof!

3. Going for a girly style. Jung So Min combines a printed t-shirt with a denim mini skirt, plus butterfly accessories.

4. Still with a girly style, this time the printed t-shirt is combined with a crop outer plus a brown mini skirt.

5. Look stylish and cool in a white t-shirt with a brown blazer, denim short pants and black high-knee boots.

6. This printed t-shirt with long denim and hair accessories is perfect for your everyday outfit.

7. Prioritizing comfort, combine a white t-shirt with denim short pants plus a basketball hat and sneakers.

8. Pair this t-shirt with a spaghetti dress wrapped in a blue plaid shirt, perfect for hanging out with your bestie.

9. No fuss! Try pairing a white t-shirt with a floral strap dress, plus a sling bag and sneakers like this one.

That was, a series of casual style ideas by wearing a white t-shirt ala Jung So Min that you can copy. The effortless style combination is suitable for those of you who like to look casual. Come on, hurry up and copy it!

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