10 Instagram Accounts of the Cast of Korean Drama My Man is Cupid, Already Follow?

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10 Instagram Accounts of the Cast of Korean Drama My Man is Cupid, Already Follow?
Jang Dong Yoon and Nana (instagram.com/primevideoid)

My Man is Cupid is a Prime Video original series that aired on December 1. It tells the story of a love fairy who is shot by his own love arrow, making him fall in love with a woman. The drama is starring Jang Dong Yoon, Nana, Park Ki Woong, Gong Min Jung, and a host of other artists.

Starring talented actors and actresses, you can support the artists by following their Instagram accounts. Who are they? Let’s take a look below

1. Jang Dong Yoon (@dongyoon_0712) plays Cheon Sang Hyuk, a cupid living in the human world for 500 years.

Jang Dong Yoon (instagram.com/dongyoon_0712)

2. Nana (@jin_a_nana) plays Oh Baek Ryeon, a veterinarian who fails at dating. The men she dates always get hurt

Nana (instagram.com/jin_a_nana)

3. Park Ki Woong (@oopkwoo) plays the character of Seo Jae Hee, the team leader of the homicide division at Jongseo police station.

Park Ki Woong (instagram.com/oopkwoo)

4. Gong Min Jung (@greengreen_j) plays Ahn Do Ra, Oh Baek Ryeon’s best friend and roommate.

Gong Min Jung (instagram.com/greengreen_j)

5. A cupid with no dating experience, Cheon Dong Gu is played by Park Myung Hoon (@park_myung_hoon_528).

Park Myung Hoon (instagram.com/park_myung_hoon_528)

6. Moon Ji Hu (@m_jihu) plays Cheon Dong Chil, a cupid cursed to become a dog.

Moon Ji Hu (instagram.com/m_jihu)

7. Eom Se Ung (@se_ung_se7en) plays Cheon Dong Pal, a cupid who lives with Sang Hyuk, Dong Gu, and Dong Chil.

Eom Se Ung (instagram.com/se_ung_se7en)

8. Seo Byeok Jun (@byeokjun) plays detective Lee Ho Jin, Seo Jae Hee’s subordinate.

Seo Byeok Jun (instagram.com/byeokjun)

9. Kwon Ah Reum (@areummon) stars as Lee So Hee, Cheon Sang Hyuk’s first love in the Joseon era.

Kwon Ah Reum (instagram.com/areummon)

10. Kim Do Ah (@lcirndxah) plays Yoo Jeong Ah, a high school girl with a crush on Cheon Sang Hyuk. She is one of the victims of a kidnapping case during heavy snowfall.

Kim Do Ah (instagram.com/lcirndxah)

Well, above are 10 instagram accounts of the cast of the drama My Man is Cupid. Presenting a murder mystery that invites the audience to think, this drama is worth watching. Don’t forget to follow their instagram accounts, yes.

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