14 Slit Skirt Mixes from TWICE Members, Casual to Formal

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Slit skirts make TWICE always look elegant in any activity

Slit Skirt Mixes from TWICE Members
TWICE Members (Dahyun TWICE twitter.com/kimdahyun_krtwitter.com/tofulike07 | Tzuyu TWICE dok. OSEN/Min Kyung Hoondok. OSEN/Lee Dae Seon | Momo TWICE instagram.com/momo)
Skirts nowadays have a lot of models that can be chosen according to your needs and comfort. One of the most common skirt models is the slit skirt. As the name implies, this skirt model has a slit detail on the side, front, or back. The slit allows the user to step more freely and comfortably, displaying a sexy impression, and can even create the illusion of longer legs.
When it comes to mixing and matching slit skirts, you don’t have to look far for ideas. The members of girl group TWICE have looked elegant in this type of skirt in their various activities. From casual to formal styles, they’re all great for you to copy. Check them out!

1. Dahyun’s plaid mini slit skirt is perfect for a daily casual outfit. Top it off with a plain T-shirt or matching shirt.

Dahyun TWICE (twitter.com/kimdahyun_krtwitter.com/tofulike07)

2. Another casual style alternative comes from Tzuyu who paired the midi slit skirt with a mid-sleeve shirt. Comfy and pretty!

Tzuyu TWICE (dok. OSEN/Min Kyung Hoondok. OSEN/Lee Dae Seon)

3. Looking rebellious, Jeongyeon wears a ripped denim skirt with a slit detail with a ripped denim jacket top and a black crop tank top inner

Jeongyeon TWICE (twitter.com/once_1101)

4. If you want to be more chic, try copying Momo’s style with a maxi skirt with a slit at the front so that your cool boots can be exposed

Momo TWICE (instagram.com/momo)

5. Sporty look lovers can’t miss out either. Try pairing a mini slit skirt with a hoodie like Nayeon below.

Nayeon TWICE (instagram.com/jypetwice_japan)

6. Peekaboo girls can try Mina’s outfit. Combine a mini slit skirt, tank top, and bolero cardigan. Just choose your favorite colors

Mina TWICE (instagram.com/mina_sr_my)

7. Still a cookie girl edition, Jeongyeon looks cute with a light blue mini slit skirt, matching puff-sleeve top, as well as accessories and white boots

Jeongyeon TWICE (m.post.naver.com/mnet_wekid)

8. Chaeyoung’s outfit with a black zip-slit mini skirt and a purple turtleneck top with a corset is equally cute. Perfect for a concert!

Chaeyoung TWICE (twitter.com/honeychaeng)

9. Maxi slit skirt and halterneck crop top made from knitted fabric like the one Momo wears is a must-have outfit for your summer vacation.

Momo TWICE (m.post.naver.com/mnet_wekid)

10. An all-white maxi slit skirt and crop blouse combo is another option for your summer outfit.

Chaeyoung TWICE (dok. SBS Inkigayo/PD Note)

11. High slit skirts never fail to support a sexy look. Like Jihyo, try using an asymmetrical tank top or strapless top as the top.

Jihyo TWICE (dok. SBS Inkigayo/PD Note Mission Photoinstagram.com/_zyozyo

12. From lounging to partying, a sheer slit skirt can complete your style. Choose a neutral color so you can experiment with the top.

Jihyo TWICE (instagram.com/_zyozyo)

13. This tweed suit with slit detail on the skirt looks classy and timeless. Perfect for both semi-formal and formal occasions

Tzuyu TWICE (instagram.com/thinkaboutzu)

14. For a formal office look, pairing a midi slit skirt with a shirt is always a go-to. You can also add a tie or suit

Mina TWICE (instagram.com/twicetagraminstagram.com/mina_sr_my)

There’s no doubt that slit skirts can be your go-to fashion item for a sophisticated look in both casual and formal occasions. Now that you’ve seen these 14 TWICE member-style slit skirt combos, it’s time for you to try them out!

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