15 Portraits of Miss Earth 2023 Finalists from the African Region, Outstanding!

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Predicted to be a dark horse, you know!

Portrait of Miss Earth 2023 Finalist from Africa (instagram.com/misscocotadiwa)

This December, Vietnam will host the Miss Earth 2023 beauty pageant. The 23rd edition of Miss Earth will be held in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam from December 1, 2023. This year, 88 beautiful women from around the world competed for the title of Miss Earth.

Of the 88 finalists competing, 15 of them are representatives from countries in Africa. Until this year, there has only been one winner from Africa. Winfred Adah Omwakwe from Kenya was crowned Miss Earth 2002 after Džejla Glavović was dismissed from her position.

Known for their friendliness and good public speaking, let’s get to know them through the 15 portraits of Miss Earth 2023 finalists from Africa below. Check it out!

1. Cameroon – Atem Noella

Miss Earth Cameroon 2023, Atem Noella (instagram.com/atemnoella)

2. Ethiopia – Hebron Beyene

Miss Earth Ethiopia 2023, Hebron Beyene (instagram.com/hebronbeyene)

3. Ghana – Priscilla Asante

Miss Earth Ghana 2023, Priscilla Asante (instagram.com/ma_prilla)

4. Kenya – Abigael Kombo

Miss Earth Kenya 2023, Abigael Kombo (instagram.com/missabigael_k)

5. Liberia – Cassandra Peters

Miss Earth Liberia 2023, Cassandra Peters (instagram.com/cassandra_peters3990)

6. Madagascar – Fifaliana Valisoa Ratsimbazafy

Miss Earth Madagascar 2023, Fifaliana Valisoa Ratsimbazafy (instagram.com/fifah.liana)

7. Mauritius – Hateefa Low Kom

Miss Earth Mauritius 2023, Hateefa Low Kom (instagram.com/hateefa.lowkom)

8. Namibia – Martha Kautanevali

Miss Earth Namibia 2023, Martha Kautanevali (instagram.com/martha_kautanevali)

9. Nigeria – Shelly Usman

Miss Earth Nigeria 2023, Shelly Usman (instagram.com/sheyofficial)

10. Réunion – Shanel Malouda

Miss Earth Réunion 2023, Shanel Malouda (instagram.com/shanelmaloudaoff)

11. Sierra Leone – Mary Juliet Sia Kanessie

Miss Earth Sierra Leone 2023, Mary Juliet Sia Kanessie (instagram.com/iammjsk_missearthsierraleone23)

12. South Africa – Belindé Schreuder

Miss Earth South Africa 2023, Belindé Schreuder (instagram.com/belinde_s)

13. South Sudan – Alek Malak Mercedes

Miss Earth South Sudan 2023, Alek Malak Mercedes (instagram.com/mercedesalek)

14. Zambia – Kunda Mwamulima

Miss Earth Zambia 2023, Kunda Mwamulima (instagram.com/mwamulimakunda_ace_model)

15. Zimbabwe – Courtney Jongwe

Miss Earth Zimbabwe 2023, Courtney Jongwe (instagram.com/misscocotadiwa)

The final night of Miss Earth 2023 will be held on December 22. At the end of the event, Mina Sue Choi will crown her successor. According to your predictions, which country has a chance to win Africa’s second Miss Earth crown?

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