20 Latest Korean Drama Recommendations that are Lightweight, Mindless

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This Korean drama is perfect for those of you who want to relax

Shin Hae Sun and Ji Chang Wook in the drama Welcome to Samdal-ri (instagram.com/jtbcdrama)

Not always upset and make you cry, there are also many Korean dramas that are suitable for relieving stress and healing, you know! The story usually runs without much heavy intrigue and is peppered with humor. For example, the following recommendations for the latest light Korean dramas.

In addition to the light plot, this row of kdrama is also full of comedy or feel good vibes that make the audience not have to think too hard. Let’s see together, anything.

1. Welcome to Samdalri

Kdrama Welcome to Samdalri (dok. JTBC)

This lighthearted new Korean Kdrama tells the story of a photographer who returns home and old love rekindles with his ex. Played by Ji Chang Wook and Shin Hye Soon, Welcome to Samdalri presents a relaxed and cute daily story.

2. Daily Dose of Sunshine

Although it discusses psychological themes and sometimes makes you tear up, Daily Dose of Sunshine is also easy to watch and invites us to heal. Moreover, Park Bo Young’s latest kdrama is only 12 episodes. 

3. Crash Course in Romance

This drama is about the love story of a famous math tutor with a student guardian who owns a side dish stall. Although full of twists and turns, in the end the love story of the two managed to make the audience smile because it was full of humor. 

4. Behind Your Touch

Although this latest lighthearted drakor is about a serial murder mystery, the comedy element is so strong. It’s no wonder that Behind Your Touch viewers will be laughing non-stop throughout the movie.

5. Doona!

Based on a webtoon, Suzy and Yang Se Jong’s latest drama is simple but also makes the audience anxious. The love story of a former idol with a cute student is fun to follow without veins.

6. Twinkling Watermelon

Seol In Ah and Choi Hyun Wook in the drama Twinkling Watermelon (instagram.com/tvn_drama)

This latest light Korean drama also stole the audience’s attention. The story of Eun Gyeol and his adventures in music make Twinkling Watermelon fun to follow until the end without much thought.

7. Castaway Diva

Full of twists and turns, but the life story of Seo Mok Ha who was stranded on a desert island to become a famous singer is very entertaining. No wonder Castaway Diva is one of the most talked-about new dramas.

8. Love to Hate You

Initially just a business deal, Yeo Mi Ran and Nam Kang Ho get involved in feelings that are so cute~ Their love story is cliché, but it doesn’t make you bored because of the unique characters and many comedic elements.

9. King The Land

This love story of a rich man and his employee is different because of the unique characters of the two main characters. A chaebol who doesn’t like fake smiles and a hotel clerk who likes to smile, how will Yoona SNSD and Junho 2PM’s latest kdrama end?

10. Doctor Cha!

Legendary KPop idol Uhm Jung Hwa makes a comeback as a mother who returns to pursue a career as a doctor after decades of being underestimated by her husband and children. There is a little sadness, but still the story of Doctor Cha! is hilarious and fun to follow without much thought.

11. A Business Proposal

snippet of the drama Business Proposal (doc. SBS/Business Proposal)

Kdrama A Business Proposal has a light story. In addition, this kdrama is equipped with comedy and romance spices that will make you feel get carried away by the mood while laughing!

12. Crazy Love

Although it tells the story of Noh Go Jin the mathematician, this Crazy Love kdrama has a light plot and doesn’t make you think too hard. Don’t worry, you don’t have to think about formulas!

13. Dr. Park’s Clinic

This light Korean drama has a sitcom vibe that is guaranteed to make you laugh until you cry! Fun to watch for those who don’t want to be upset.

14. Rookie Cops

Set in a police school, this lighthearted kdrama tells the story of friendship and the struggle to pursue dreams. Rookie Cops is perfect to watch if you want to relax.

15. Forecasting Love and Weather,

The hearts of all viewers will be carried away by the mood when watching Forecasting Love and Weather. Because this latest kdrama has a sweet and light story!

16. Thirty-Nine

Thirty Nine cast (doc. JTBC/Thirty Nine)

This Korean drama is also suitable for healing. Telling the story of friendship and love, Thirty Nine can be watched casually without thinking much.

17. Green Mother’s Club

Young mothers really enjoy this kdrama. Green Mothers Club tells the story of the friendship of mothers, the story is wholesome and highly recommended!

18. The Killer’s Shopping List

Starring Lee Kwang Soo, The Killer’s Shopping List is said to be a kdrama that can relieve your stress! Despite the scary title, the content is surprisingly easy to follow.

19. Our Blues

This lighthearted new drama is also perfect as a healing kdrama. You don’t have to bother thinking and can immediately enjoy the simple story.

20. Soundtrack#1

Last but not least, this kdrama starring Han So Hee and Park Hyun Sik is perfect for those who want to get carried away. The romance is as sweet as cotton candy
How, the 20 latest light dramas above are guaranteed that you can enjoy leisurely without the need for a lot of miracles. Perfect for healing and relieving stress!

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