25 Portraits of Evening Gowns at Miss Venezuela 2023 Preliminary, Super Elegant!

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Vice Lara wears a luxurious evening gown

Portrait of Evening Dress at Miss Venezuela 2023 Preliminary (instagram.com/missvenezuela)

Miss Venezuela 2023 is stealing the show for pageant lovers. Known as a powerhouse country, the organization of the biggest beauty pageant in Venezuela has become a hot topic of conversation. FYI, there are 25 finalists competing for tickets to compete in Miss Universe 2024 and Miss International 2024.

Unlike the previous edition, starting this year the Miss Venezuela Organization held a preliminary round. The event was successfully held on Monday (4/12/2023) at Centro Comercial Líder, Caracas, Venezuela. The finalists appeared in three different segments, namely opening, swimsuit, and evening gown. Uniquely, there was a photo shoot of the evening gowns worn by the finalists on the preliminary night.

Are you curious how beautiful their evening gowns are? Check out the 25 portraits of the evening gowns at the Miss Venezuela 2023 preliminaries below. Check it out!

1. Amazon – Ileana del Carmen Márquez Pedroza

Miss Amazonas 2023, Ileana del Carmen Márquez Pedroza (instagram.com/missvenezuela)

2. Anzoátegui – Giorgiana Carolina Rosas Rodríguez

Miss Anzoátegui 2023, Giorgiana Carolina Rosas Rodríguez (instagram.com/missvenezuela)

3. Apure – Raulimar Sthephani Díaz Vargas

Miss Apure 2023, Raulimar Sthephani Díaz Vargas (instagram.com/missvenezuela)

4. Aragua – Georgette Gabriela Musrie Efeisa

Miss Aragua 2023, Georgette Gabriela Musrie Efeisa (instagram.com/missvenezuela)

5. Barinas – Racha Saab Hatoum

Miss Barinas 2023, Racha Saab Hatoum (instagram.com/missvenezuela)

6. Bolivar – Argiannis Isabel Luna Millán

Miss Bolivar 2023, Argiannis Isabel Luna Millán (instagram.com/missvenezuela)

7. Carabobo – Mariangela Valentina Ramírez Ortegano

Miss Carabobo 2023, Mariangela Valentina Ramírez Ortegano (instagram.com/missvenezuela)

8. Cojedes – Sheba Eunice Sichini Comunian

Miss Cojedes 2023, Sheba Eunice Sichini Comunian (instagram.com/missvenezuela)

9. Delta Amacuro – Dayana del Carmen Lara Escobar

Miss Delta Amacuro 2023, Dayana del Carmen Lara Escobar (instagram.com/missvenezuela)

10. Federal Dependencies – Irmar Adrianeth Cabrices Espinoza

Miss Dependencias Federales 2023, Irmar Adrianeth Cabrices Espinoza (instagram.com/missvenezuela)

11. Distrito Capital – María Victoria Sinaí Abuhazi Ceballos

Miss Distrito Capital 2023, María Victoria Sinaí Abuhazi Ceballos (instagram.com/missvenezuela)

12. Falcón – Cynthia Paola Boscán Pereira

Miss Falcón 2023, Cynthia Paola Boscán Pereira (instagram.com/missvenezuela)

13. Guárico – Sakra Del Valle Guerrero Roldán

Miss Guárico 2023, Sakra Del Valle Guerrero Roldán (instagram.com/missvenezuela)

14. La Guaira – Graciela Carolina Altuve Mendoza

Miss La Guaira 2023, Graciela Carolina Altuve Mendoza (instagram.com/missvenezuela)

15. Lara – Mariam Samira Habach Wahbi

Miss Lara 2023, Mariam Samira Habach Wahbi (instagram.com/missvenezuela)

16. Mérida – Daniela Celis González

Miss Mérida 2023, Daniela Celis González (instagram.com/missvenezuela)

17. Miranda – María Gabriela Martínez García

Miss Miranda 2023, María Gabriela Martínez García (instagram.com/missvenezuela)

18. Monagas – Rosmellys Ysabel Romero Guevara

Miss Monagas 2023, Rosmellys Ysabel Romero Guevara (instagram.com/missvenezuela)

19. Nueva Esparta – Katherine Marie Sena Paiva

Miss Nueva Esparta 2023, Katherine Marie Sena Paiva (instagram.com/missvenezuela)

20. Portuguese – Yuliana Paola Hidalgo Morán

Miss Portuguesa 2023, Yuliana Paola Hidalgo Morán (instagram.com/missvenezuela)

21. Sucre – Anakristina Rivero Quero

Miss Sucre 2023, Anakristina Rivero Quero (instagram.com/missvenezuela)

22. Táchira – Minerva Alejandra Chuello Cantor

Miss Táchira 2023, Minerva Alejandra Chuello Cantor (instagram.com/missvenezuela)

23. Trujillo – Omaira Carolina Morales Castro

Miss Trujillo 2023, Omaira Carolina Morales Castro (instagram.com/missvenezuela)

24. Yaracuy – Cindy Mar Stefany Granadillo Escobar

Miss Yaracuy 2023, Cindy Mar Stefany Granadillo Escobar (instagram.com/missvenezuela)

25. Zulia – Flor Sarahy Jordan Vílchez

Miss Zulia 2023, Flor Sarahy Jordan Vílchez (instagram.com/missvenezuela)

Various types of dresses with super beautiful cutting and details were successfully displayed by Miss Venezuela 2023 finalists in the preliminary round. Later, on the final night, the evening gown round will be held again for the top 10 finalists.

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