4 Mafia Game Oddities in Night Has Come, Making Lives Disappear

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Left 13 out of 30 students

kdrama Night Has Come poster (instagram.com/uplus_mobiletv)

U+ Mobile Tv has released an original thriller kdrama, Night Has Come. The Night Has Come series stars Lee Jae In, Kim Woo Seok, Choi Ye Bin, Ahn Ji Ho, Cha Woo Min, and Jung So Ri.

This bloody story begins when a group of Yooil High School third-year students must engage in a mysterious mafia game. This game was carried out by them while staying at the Muryeong Retreat Center. Starting from 30 students who participated, now 13 people remain.

So, what are the rules and restrictions of the mafia game in Night Has Come? Then what is strange about this mafia game in Night Has Come? Check out the review below!

1. If no one chooses, the participant will be randomly killed

Kim Joon Hee (Kim Woo Seok) in the kdrama Night Has Come (instagram.com/uplus_mobiletv)

Each of the Yooil High School students suddenly had a foreign application installed on their cell phones. One of the students, Lee Yoon Seo (Lee Jae In) opens the application which turns out to be a mafia game. There are several rules in this game, including:
  1. The identity of the participants will be established secretly. They consist of citizens, doctors, police, and mafia. Doctors can prevent selected participants from being executed.
  2. The participants have time from 8 am to midnight to find the mafia through voting. At midnight, the person with the most votes will be executed. The identity of the executed participant will be revealed after the midnight vote. 
  3. All participants sleep, except the mafia. While the participants sleep at night, the mafia has until 6 am to execute the participants themselves.
  4. If the citizens’ team or the mafia team defeats the other team and wins, the game will end. The citizens, doctors, and police are one team.
Participants who are executed based on the most votes, will show symptoms like a possessed person before dying. The characteristics are headaches and suddenly the eyes will turn white. Then, try to hurt yourself to death.
Kim Joon Hee (Kim Woo Seok) suggested not to vote for participants who became mafia. Once heeded by them by collecting cell phones in the middle, one by one of the participants began to be executed randomly.

2. Participants must not cross the designated line

Oh Jung Won (Choi Ye Bin) in the kdrama Night Has Come (isntagram.com/uplus_mobiletv)

The remaining students were in a panic because they didn’t want to die in vain. They rushed quickly out of the neighborhood. Before they had time to get out of the line, there was an announcement stating that if they violated it, they would be killed.
There were two people who did not heed the announcement. As soon as the two came out, their eyes turned white and they collided and hurt each other. If one of them dies, then the living one hurts themselves to death.

3. A participant was murdered using this game

Kim So Mi (Jung So Ri) in the kdrama Night Has Come (instagram.com/uplus_mobiletv)

In this game, those who were mafia were supposed to be safe as long as there were no fights between the two camps, the citizens’ team and the mafia team. Surprisingly, one of the participants who was a mafia was killed in the toilet using a fire extinguisher.
The second case, Kim So Mi (Jung So Ri) deliberately pushed Kim Dong Hyun (Do Byeong Hoon) who is a citizen. Initially, they followed Kim Joon Hee to the back mountain to find a way out by not crossing the line.
When Kim So Mi and Kim Dong Hyun were on the same line, both hesitated. Surprisingly, Kim So Mi pushed Kim Dong Hyun to confirm whether it was okay to pass or not. As it turned out, Kim Dong Hyun was outside the line and was instantly killed.

4. The game area holds a million mysteries

Lee Yoon Seo (Lee Jae In) in the kdrama Night Has Come (instagram.com/uplus_mobiletv)

Muryeong Retreat Center is the mafia game area of Yooil High School students. This area is very difficult to get a network. Then, their cell phone batteries are in a stable state, which is 56 percent and does not decrease when it has been used.
Several other oddities also appear in the area, namely the telephone rings even though the cable is disconnected, there is coffee that is still warm in certain rooms, the view in front of the center changes instantly, and people look frozen from a distance.
Night Has Come is perfect for those of you who like high school thrillers. Night Has Come is a drama that doesn’t beat around the bush. For those who don’t know, you can find this series on Viu.

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