6 Popular Tours in Australia as a 2024 Vacation Reference

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Its beauty makes you feel at home

Portrait of tourist attractions in Australia (pixabay.com/wimkantona)

Among foreign tourists, Australia is one of the most attractive destinations to visit, especially tourists from Southeast Asia. During 2023 alone, the number of foreign tourists coming to this country has increased steadily at 75 percent.

The rich nature, skyscrapers, history museums, art museums, and culinary tours in Australia are indeed very interesting to explore.

It doesn’t feel like we’ve all arrived at the end of the year. For travelers who have not had the opportunity to visit Australia at the end of 2023, you can start planning a trip for 2024.

1. Broken Hill, New South Wales

Portrait of Broken Hill (instagram.com/warrenlloydphotography)

Broken Hill, located in western New South Wales, was once the set of the popular movie Mad Max. This area has the perfect quality of light for filmmakers and photographers. This is because the red color of the land contrasts with the clear blue sky. At night, the scenery is even more stunning.
To get here, you must take the Indian Pacific train departing from Sydney. Then, you must continue the journey by renting a vehicle to arrive at Broken Hill.
Once here, don’t miss the opportunity to explore the Living Desert Sculptures on foot and enjoy the Pro Hart Gallery. It’s guaranteed to leave you in awe!

2. Sydney

Portrait of Sydney (instagram.com/chriscook_photography)

On February 23-26, 2024, Taylor Swift will hold a concert titled Eras Tour in Sydney. If you are one of the audience and still haven’t found a place to stay, you can choose Morris Hotel or ADGE Apartments with a contemporary feel. Besides being comfortable, the place is also in a strategic location of the CBD.
After the concert, stay for a few days in Sydney. As one of the greenest cities in the world, Sydney offers many exciting and interesting activities for tourists to visit.
Some of them include exploring the city by cruise ship, kayaking around Sydney Harbour, visiting art galleries, climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge, and tasting delicious fresh seafood.

3. Wine Wonderland, Perth

Portrait of Sydney (instagram.com/chriscook_photography)

When it comes to wine, there are many restaurants in Sydney that serve the best wines. However, Perth also has wines of internationally recognized quality.
In fact, the experts at Enoteca Centro can give tourists a wine-tasting experience. You can try a wide selection of wines ranging from locally produced to international or imported.
Perth is known as a city with some of the best tourist attractions that travelers will always remember. Aside from wine-tasting, try exploring art galleries, museums, live music, theater performances, and cultural festivals. The beauty of Perth as a city of art never dies.

4. Vertigo Brisbane

Portrait of Vertigo Brisbane (instagram.com/izabellacoyle_)

Want a more aesthetic social media presence? Complete your photo collection with a beautiful moment captured at Vertigo Brisbane. This is Australia’s first vertical restaurant. The height alone reaches 17 meters above the ground.
From the top of Vertigo Brisbane, visitors will be spoiled with views of the city lights from different sides. However, don’t forget your meal because you’re too focused on enjoying the beautiful scenery around you.
After finishing your meal, visitors are advised to descend through the Brisbane Powerhouse or by the dropline exit outside the building facade.

5. Living Coral Biobank in Cairns

Portrait of Cairns Aquarium (instagram.com/cairns_aquarium)

For tourists who are curious and eager to see the underwater creatures of the Great Barrier Reef, please visit the Cairns Aquarium. This tourist spot can be visited by visitors of various ages, including children. It is precisely these children who will be very enthusiastic when exploring the Cairns Aquarium.
Several underwater creatures such as fish, sharks, manta rays and other marine life appear to swim freely in the vast aquarium. The funny behavior of the nemo fish hiding in colorful coral reefs also does not go unnoticed by visitors.
Traveling to Cairns Aquarium can also be a learning event because there are guides who will provide explanations about the lives of aquatic life here.

6. Kimberley Coast Day Cruise

Kimberley Coast Cruise Portrait (instagram.com/girt_bysea)

From Cygnet Bay, Western Australia, don’t miss the opportunity to take a Kimberley Day Cruise. This activity will take you through the beautiful scenery along the coast of Buccaneer Archipelago and Cockatoo Island. After exploring the natural beauty of the surroundings, tourists can swim or soak in the crystal clear waters.
Buccaneer Archipelago is a group of 800 to 1,000 large islands and islets. One of the most important islands here is Cockatoo Island. It is so named, because the 131-square-kilometer island is home to many white cockatoos.
Those are the six tourist attractions in Australia that you can make as a reference for your upcoming vacation in 2024. All of them offer beauty that is very interesting to visit. Which tourist spot would you like to visit first?

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