6 Ways to Take Care of Curly Hair, No More Dizziness!

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Curly hair owners take note!

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Curly hair gives a person a special impression. Many are interested in having this hair, although some feel reluctant to have it. The reason is, care for curly hair is arguably difficult. If not treated, curly hair will become dull and broken.

certainly reduce the aesthetics of curly hair. Well, here are some ways to care for curly hair from a dermatologist!

1. Wash your hair once every two to three weeks, save shampoo!

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Opinions about the number of times or frequency in cleaning hair with shampoo, sometimes there is still debate. For curly hair owners, shampoo when necessary. The exact frequency can be once every two to three weeks.

Yup, the advantage of curly hair is that it saves shampoo, because it doesn’t need to be washed every day, even every week. Dr. Jennifer Trent, a Florida-based board-certified dermatologist, told Health News, 

“Washing curly hair too often can leave it feeling dry, frizzy and unruly. Ultimately, this will increase the likelihood that your hair will break.”

2. Don’t forget the conditioner after shampooing!

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Compared to other hair types, curly hair is more prone to becoming dry. Help keep your hair healthy by applying conditioner to your hair. Its thick texture can moisturize your hair instantly.

Use it all over your hair, not just the ends. Apply a thick conditioner after washing your hair. Jennifer Trent adds in Health News,

“Add a dab of leave-in oil for added moisture. You can also apply conditioner before washing your hair.”

3. Untangle your hair

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When you go to wash your hair, you may find that your curls are tangled. Remove them by wetting the entire hair and applying a leave-in conditioner. Then with your fingers, slowly comb or separate the frizz.

Dermatologist, Jennifer Trent on Health News, recommends a wide-toothed comb, as it will be very suitable for the texture and problems of curly hair owners. Avoid combing your hair when it’s dry. The more you force it, the more likely it is to break and fall out! 

4. Use extra sun protection, like a hat!

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Sunlight can also contribute to damage to your hair. Protect your hair from harmful UV rays, so that your treatment remains maximized. One of them, you can use a hat or umbrella, when the weather is hot.

Likewise, hair mist or hair products that are equipped with SPF. In addition to caring, these products are also able to protect hair from damage. 

5. Curly hair care while sleeping

Curly hair care (unsplash.com/@ninastrehl)

You don’t have to worry about what you’re going to do with your hair while you sleep. You just need to pull your hair up, and make it like a pineapple. You can also make loose braids to avoid friction with the pillowcase.

Dr. Brooke Schleehauf, a dermatologist said on her AAD website, 

“Replace your pillowcase with a soft, hair-friendly silk fabric. Apply a hair oil or vitamin at night, for a brilliant hair day tomorrow.”

6. Pay attention to sleeping position!

Curly hair (unsplash.com/@slaapwijsheid)

You can’t just sleep. In order to get beautiful curly hair results, you need to pay attention to your sleeping position. There are some sleeping positions that are not recommended, because they can change the shape of your curly hair. 

Dermatologist, Brooke Schleehauf, advises on her website called AAD, to sleep on your back. Do the ritual in the previous point when going to bed. Undoubtedly your hair will be super stormy tomorrow!

That’s 6 ways to take care of curly hair. Have you done the step by step, yet?

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