7 Cargo Pants Mix and Match Ideas from TREASURE Members

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Fashionable OOTD for you to copy

Member TREASURE (instagram.com/yg_treasure_official)

Cargo pants are in high demand by outfit lovers because of their fashionable and cool style. No wonder so many men love this fashion item. Having a characteristic in the form of pockets on both sides of the pants, makes these pants have many functions when traveling or hanging out.

There are many inspirations to mix and match with cargo pants, if you are confused in combining them. You can cheat some references. Let’s look at the inspiration for mixing and matching cargo pants in the style of the following TREASURE members.

1. You can try a black T-shirt, leather jacket as an outer, cargo denim jeans, and sneakers. Accessorize with a beanie hat and glasses

Doyoung TREASURE (instagram.com/yg_treasure_official)

2. Copy Hyunsik’s swag style by pairing a black hoodie jacket with multipocket cargo pants and high sneakers.

Choi Hyunsuk TREASURE (instagram.com/yg_treasure_official)

3. Copy Doyoung’s style by combining a yellow polo shirt with a white collar, patch cargo jeans, and sporty sneakers.

Doyoung TREASURE (instagram.com/yg_treasure_official)

4. Want to look like a mamba boy, just pair a graphic tee with a tucker jacket, cargo jeans pants and a black scarf.

Choi Hyunsuk TREASURE (instagram.com/yg_treasure_official)

5. Emulate Haruto’s stylish and edgy style with a white oversized T-shirt, varsity jacket, wide-legged cargo pants and sneakers.

Haruto TREASURE (instagram.com/yg_treasure_official)

6. Looking simple and casual, Jaehyuk paired an oversized white t-shirt with two-tone cargo jeans. Sweet and cute

Jaehyuk TREASURE (instagram.com/yg_treasure_official)

7. Or try pairing a white T-shirt, patterned hoodie as an outer, high waist cargo pants and sneakers like this. Edgy and stylish

Jaehyuk TREASURE (instagram.com/yg_treasure_official)

Simple and cool with OOTD cargo pants can certainly make your appearance more fashionable and swag abis. Look contemporary with the right mix and match of cargo pants in the style of TREASURE members, guaranteed stylish!

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