7 Viral Makeup Trends Throughout 2023, What Are They?

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Which makeup trends have you tried?

7 Viral Makeup Trends Throughout 2023, What Are They?
Douyin makeup and cherry cola lip (instagram.com/hezzzw_jv/instagram.com/marcelogutierrez)

Throughout the year 2023, the beauty world was filled with a number of viral makeup trends that captured the attention of many lovers. From the latest innovations to the re-popularization of classic makeup styles, these makeup trends are always interesting to follow.

The limitless creativity of makeup artists and the powerful impact of social media have made these makeup trends easily catch the eye and quickly go viral. So, what are the makeup trends that will go viral in 2023? Let’s find out through the article below!

1. Latte makeup

latte portrait makeup (instagram.com/danessa_myricks)

The latte makeup trend is one of the viral makeup looks for 2023 on the TikTok platform. The latte makeup concept involves incorporating various shades of brown, including tan and gold to create a warm and dimensional look on the skin.
According to Teen Vogue, Donya Momenian, an associate fashion and beauty editor at Teen Vogue, explained that the inspiration for this trend came from Australian makeup artist Tanielle Jai. She was the one who created the bronze-colored shimmery look in 2018 and it went viral on TikTok in late spring 2023. 

“Latte makeup aims to give skin a beautiful, lustrous look, similar to the warm, appetizing color found in a delicious latte drink,” explains Rebecca Restrepo, a celebrity makeup artist, as reported by Real Simple.


2. Cherry cola lip 

cherry cola lip portrait (instagram.com/marcelogutierrez)

Cherry cola lip is also the 2023 viral makeup trend on TikTok, replacing the latte makeup trend. Combining shades of red and brown and using makeup products with a shimmery effect, cherry cola lip gives a fun and fresh look with a carbonated or fizzy twist. 

“The cherry cola lip trend is inspired by the intense, deep color of cherry-flavored cola drinks,” explains Yasmin Salmon, a makeup artist, as reported by Vogue.

Unlike the previous trend, this style lets the original color of the lips show through the layers of vibrant color, creating a bold lip look. Moreover, this trend can be tried by anyone by finding shades that suit their individual skin tone.
Celebrities like Mary Philips, Kylie Jenner, and Amelia Gray have become fans of the cherry cola lip. So, it’s no wonder there’s been an increase in the popularity of this trend in the beauty industry.

3. Douyin makeup

Douyin makeup (instagram.com/hezzzw_jv)

The term “douyin makeup” is derived from the Chinese social media app Douyin, which was created by ByteDance in 2016. This makeup style of douyin makeup creates a doll-like look.
There are three key elements to achieving the douyin makeup look: shimmery eyeshadow and smooth eyeliner, very red cheeks, and soft, blurry lips. Many think it’s similar to the Korean beauty trend, but Douyin is distinctive in its own right with a signature lash style known as manhua lashes and a specific blush technique that creates a V-shape on the chin, nose and temples.

4. Martini makeup

martini makeup portrait (instagram.com/victorialyn)

The next viral makeup trend is martini makeup that has taken over the beauty world in 2023. As the name implies, the colors used in martini makeup are associated with green and metallic shades, taking inspiration from the elements associated with martini drinks.
A renowned makeup artist, Lan Nguyen-Grealis, as reported by Glamour, stated that martini makeup is characterized by dramatic and sparkling eyes, creating a look that is eye-catching and mesmerizing, like a cat-eye effect. The use of shimmery eyeshadow and eyeliner in shades of green and metal, such as gold, emerald and olive green is the main focus in this makeup style. 
Featuring an elegant and alluring finish, this look is the perfect choice for evening events or activities, such as going to a party. It’s perfect for those who want to look bold, intense and glamorous.

5. Strawberry makeup

strawberry makeup portrait (instagram.com/haileybieber)

Strawberry makeup became a viral makeup trend during 2023 after being introduced by Hailey Bieber. Hailey Bieber shared the steps to achieve this look in her TikTok tutorial, making it gain popularity through social media and become one of the beauty trends that many people try throughout 2023.
According to MAC senior artist Michelle Clark as reported by Instyle, strawberry makeup involves clear skin with a hint of bronzer, shimmery lips, and an emphasis on the cheeks that brings out the color of strawberry shades. Providing a softer and more natural look, this makeup trend is a charming and easy-to-follow option for anyone.

6. Tomato girl makeup

tomato girl makeup portrait (tiktok.com/julianaherzwastaken)

Inspired by the tomato girl summer trend, this makeup trend features lots of blush and faux freckles that give a fresh and natural look. Essentially, it refers to a no-makeup-makeup look, but with a strong touch of pigment.
According to Harper’s Bazaar, Bridget March, a digital beauty director from Bazaar, explained that, as the name suggests, tomato girl makeup features red as the main color. This trend emphasizes the cheeks as the ideal place to display red shades that create a bright and fresh impression, perfect for the summer atmosphere.

7. Pumpkin spice latte makeup

pumpkin spice latte makeup portrait (instagram.com/danielllestrada)

It’s no surprise that makeup trends change with the seasons. Similarly, the pumpkin spice latte makeup trend has made its way into the spotlight for 2023, marking the official transition to fall. Mat Wulff, a professional makeup artist, explained to Glamour that this trend features a warm touch and creates a look reminiscent of the iconic pumpkin spice latte drink.
“The pumpkin spice latte makeup trend uses softer shades of brown sugar and roasted spice colors to give the makeup look an autumnal touch,” said J. Guerra, a New York City-based makeup artist, as quoted by Allure.
“Like a drinkable pumpkin spice latte, the base of this makeup look is tied to warm reddish brown shades and coffee-inspired creams,” she continued.
Makeup is an essential part of every woman’s look, so it’s no wonder that makeup trends are always easy to get excited about. From the makeup trends above, which makeup style have you tried?

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