9 Korean artists under 935 Entertainment, Filled with Talented Stars

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Starring in Korean movies and dramas

Yoon Sun Woo and Park Ju Hyun
Yoon Sun Woo and Park Ju Hyun ( instagram.com/yoonsxx | instagram.com/935entertainment)

KPop fans must be familiar with several entertainment agencies such as SM Entertainment, YG Entertainment, JYP Entertainment, or Hybe Labels. These agencies house many popular idol groups that are loved by various groups in all parts of the world.

However, in addition to these agencies, there are also agencies that specifically accommodate actors and actresses. One of them is 935 Entertainment. Established in 2014, this agency is home to many talented stars who actively appear in various Korean film and drama titles. Like the following actors and actresses who are under the 935 Entertainment agency.

1. Namgoong Min is one of South Korea’s top actors who just finished the drama My Dearest on November 18, yesterday

Namgoong Min (instagram.com/935entertainment)

2. The husband of beautiful actress Han Ga In, Yeon Jung Hoon is also part of 935 Entertainment. In addition to acting, he is also a member of the variety show 2 Days & 1 Night.

Yeon Jung Hoon (instagram.com/935entertainment)

3. Kim Yeo Jin is currently one of the cast members of the drama The Story of Park’s Marriage Contract, playing the role of Lee Se Young’s mother.

Kim Yeo Jin in the drama Vincenzo (instagram.com/935entertainment)

4. Kwon Hwa Woon began to attract attention through his role in the drama Mouse. At that time, he played a character named Sung Yo Han, a doctor who was initially thought to be a psychopath.

Kwon Hwa Woon (instagram.com/935entertainment)

5. Shin Soo Ho has started his career in acting since 2015. Noted until now he has starred in as many as 17 Korean drama titles

Shin Soo Ho (instagram.com/935entertainment)

6. Yoon Sun Woo saat ini tengah membintangi drama bertajuk The Third Marriage sebagai pemeran utama. tahun lalu ia juga membintangi drama Good Job bersama Jung Il Woo dan Yuri SNSD

Yoon Sun Woo (instagram.com/yoonsxx)

7. Park Ju Hyun debuted through a movie called The Dude in Me in 2019. However, his name began to rise when he became the lead in the web series Extracurricular

Park Ju Hyun (instagram.com/935entertainment)

8. Still a new actor, Kim Taek, who was born in 1998, has only starred in two dramas, namely The King’s Affection, and Chunhwa Love Story which airs next year.

Kim Taek (instagram.com/kimtaek__)

9. The late Lee Ji Han, the actor who died as a result of the Itaewon tragedy, was also previously with 935 Entertainment. He also participated in the Produce 101 Season 2 program.

Lee Ji Han (instagram.com/ji_han_0803)

Every year, the actors and actresses above almost never miss starring in new dramas! Are there any of them who are your idols?

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