Seol-ah ‘Space Girl’, First Solo Since Debut… “Preparing for Release in January”

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 Seol-Ah ‘Space Girl’ is making a solo attack.

Photo provided by Starship Entertainment

On the 1st, her agency Starship Entertainment announced, “Seol-ah will debut as a solo singer in January. We ask for your support.”

Fans’ reactions were already enthusiastic. That’s right, this is Seol-ah’s first solo album eight years after her debut. It is also Cosmic Girls’ first solo singer debut.

Seol-Ah debuted as a space shower in 2016. They left a mark of their presence with many hits such as ‘Momomo’, ‘It’s a Secret’, ‘Please’, and ‘Iruri’.

Not only in musical activities, but also in many other fields, she made a mark with her diverse charms. She shows off her hosting skills on the YouTube channels ‘Seol-ah’s Days’ and KBS Cool FM’s ‘Station Z’.

Meanwhile, Seol-Ah is currently accelerating preparations for her solo debut. Her debut schedule will be released later on the official SNS.

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