‘Spring in Seoul’ Surpasses 3 Million Viewers… “An Upward Trend that Cannot be Stopped”

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‘Spring in Seoul’ (directed by Kim Seong-su) continues to run at the box office. It surpassed 3 million views on the 10th day of release.

'Spring in Seoul' Surpasses 3 Million Viewers... "An Upward Trend that Cannot be Stopped"
Photo source=Plus M Entertainment

According to the Korea Council’s integrated computer network for movie theater admissions, the cumulative number of viewers for ‘Spring in Seoul’ as of the 1st at 12:04 was 3,051,536.

‘Spring in Seoul’ surpassed 1 million viewers on the fourth day of its release and 2 million viewers on the sixth day. It recorded a remarkable growth, exceeding 3 million viewers within 10 days of its release.

‘Spring in Seoul’ posted a photo commemorating over 3 million views on the 1st. The main cast, including director Kim Seong-soo and actors Jung Woo-sung, Lee Seong-min, and Kim Seong-gyun, held balloons and reciprocated the viewers’ support.

‘Spring in Seoul’ is a work based on the military uprising that took place in Seoul on December 12, 1979. It contains 9 hours of immediate action to prevent the uprising by the new military regime. 

‘Trustworthy actors’ appeared in full force. Jung Woo-sung, Hwang Jung-min, Lee Seong-min, Kim Sung-gyun, and Park Hae-joon gave passionate performances. Jung Hae-in, Lee Jun-hyuk, and Jung Man-sik added to their strength with special performances.

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