3 Things That Must Be Answered in the Final Episode of Single’s Inferno 3

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Who will endgame?

Still cut dating show Single’s Inferno 3 (dok. Netflix/Single’s Inferno 3)

The bottom line…

  • Episode 9 of Single’s Inferno 3 left many questions about the contestants’ relationships.
  • Gwan Hee became a hot topic of conversation for being close to several women, including Hye Seon, Min Ji, and Ha Jeong.
  • The relationship between Gyu Ri, Min Woo, and Si Eun is heating up, raising questions about their fate in the final episode.

No less successful than the previous seasons, Single’s Inferno 3 is finally heading to air its final episode. Episode 9 itself left many questions in the minds of viewers regarding the relationships of the contestants.

To make you curious about who ends up becoming a couple and leaving Hell, let’s take a look at the things that must be answered in the final episode of Single’s Inferno 3 below. Click the full article!

1. Who Gwan Hee finally chose


Gwan Hee’s figure became a hot topic of conversation during the airing of Single’s Inferno 3. The hit basketball player is considered to be a red flag man by netizens through his attitude that is close to several women.
Gwan Hee also revealed that he was interested in Hye Seon, but also couldn’t let go of Min Ji. On the other hand, Gwan Hee was also close to Ha Jeong. The final episode will also show, who did Gwan Hee finally choose?

2. The final fate of Gyu Ri, Min Woo, and Si Eun’s relationship

Single’s Inferno 3 trailer (doc. Netflix via twitter.com/mkjhqpil)

With the concept of a dating show, the relationships between the contestants themselves become interesting plots for the audience. One of them is the relationship between Gyu Ri, Min Woo, and Si Eun. Although initially close to Si Eun, Min Woo is also close to Gyu Ri.
In fact, in the teaser trailer for the upcoming episode, the relationship between these three people is heating up. The final episode also has to answer how the fate of Gyu Ri and Si Eun who seems to be choosing Min Woo.

3. The contestants who ended up as couples in the finale of Single’s Inferno 3

Jin Seok and Min Young (Doc. Netflix via twitter.com/jinepiphany)

Amidst the complex relationships in Hell Single’s Inferno 3, netizens were actually hoping that some contestants would end up as a couple. One of them is Min Young and Jin Seok who are quite stable throughout the show.
In addition, the final episode of the show is also expected to show the fate of Min Kyu and Ha Bin at the end. Given that both are known to be close to all contestants as best friends.
The last two episodes of Single’s Inferno 3 itself will air on January 9. If you hope who will endgame aka become a couple at the end, here?

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