Synopsis and Cast List of Korean Movie Exhuma, Lee Do Hyun’s Debut!

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What is the movie Exhuma about…

Exhuma movie (Doc. Showbox)

The point is…

  • The movie “Exhuma” is the latest movie from the Korean film industry in the mystery thriller genre.
  • This movie tells the story of a pair of shamans who perform exorcism on a newborn baby to save him from the disturbance of mystical things.
  • Starring top Korean artists such as Lee Do Hyun, Kim Go Eun, Choi Min Sik, and Yoo Hae Jin, the movie “Exhuma” will air in February 2023.

Entering the beginning of the year, the Korean film industry announced the latest movie titled Exhuma. The movie directed by Jang Jae Hyun presents a mystery thriller genre. Ready to make the audience goosebumps.

Reporting from the trailer, this film already gives a gripping impression experienced by the four main actors. There is something they found in the tomb. Here is the synopsis and cast list of the movie Exhuma!

1. Exhuma movie synopsis

Exhuma movie (Doc. Showbox)

The movie Exhuma tells the story of a mystery experienced by a pair of shamans who get a request to save a newborn baby. They also perform an exorcism on the baby. During the ritual, there is a shadow in the form of a family ancestor.
In order to save the baby from the disturbance of mystical things, a pair of shamans work together with feng shui experts and tomb guards. They worked together to dig up the grave and relieve the burden of the ancestors, who were in the baby. So, did they succeed in doing so?

2. Exhuma movie cast list

Exhuma movie (Doc. Showbox)

The movie Exhuma stars a number of top Korean artists. Here is the list:
  • Lee Do Hyun as shaman Bong Gil
  • Kim Go Eun as shaman Hwa Rim
  • Choi Min Sik as Sang Deok, a feng shui expert
  • Yoo Hae Jin as Young Geun, a funeral director 
  • Jeon Jin Ki

3. When and where does Exhuma movie air?

Exhuma movie (Doc. Showbox)

The film Exhuma is rumored to be airing in February 2023. Interestingly, actor Lee Do Hyun’s debut film will also air in Indonesia. However, the exact date has not yet been confirmed. 
However, many fans can’t wait to watch the movie Exhuma. Because it can treat longing for Lee Do Hyun, who is currently serving in the military.

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