BTS Announces World Tour Dates for 2024: New Cities Added

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BTS has done it again! The global superstars have just dropped the news that ARMYs worldwide have been eagerly waiting for. BTS announces world tour dates for 2024, and this time, they’ve added new cities to the mix. With this exciting update, fans around the globe are gearing up for what promises to be another unforgettable series of performances.

BTS Announces World Tour Dates for 2024: New Cities Added

The announcement has sent waves of excitement through the BTS fandom. The world tour, titled “Map of the Soul: Beyond,” will kick off in early 2024 and span across several continents. The addition of new cities to their tour itinerary has made this announcement even more thrilling. Let’s dive into the details of BTS’s upcoming world tour and what fans can expect.

Key Highlights of the BTS World Tour 2024

  1. Extended Tour Itinerary: The 2024 tour will see BTS performing in over 30 cities worldwide. While many of the major cities like Los Angeles, London, and Tokyo are still on the list, new destinations such as Rio de Janeiro, Cape Town, and Mumbai have been added. This expansion means more fans will have the chance to see BTS live in concert.
  2. Spectacular Stage Production: Known for their incredible stage setups, BTS is planning to outdo themselves with this tour. Fans can look forward to a visual and auditory spectacle that will include state-of-the-art lighting, special effects, and interactive elements that bring their music to life.
  3. Setlist Surprises: While the official setlist hasn’t been released, it’s expected that BTS will perform a mix of their classic hits and new tracks from their recent albums. With their extensive discography, every concert is sure to be a unique experience filled with fan favorites and surprises.

New Cities Added to the BTS World Tour 2024

One of the most exciting aspects of this announcement is the inclusion of new cities. For the first time, BTS will be bringing their world-renowned performances to several new locations. Here’s a closer look at some of the newly added cities:

1. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Brazilian ARMYs have been waiting for this moment for years. BTS will perform at the iconic Maracanã Stadium, promising a night of electrifying music and vibrant energy.

2. Cape Town, South Africa

This marks BTS’s first performance on the African continent. The concert in Cape Town is set to be a historic event, bringing together fans from across Africa.

3. Mumbai, India

Indian fans, who have shown immense support for BTS, will finally get to see them live. The Mumbai concert is expected to draw massive crowds, reflecting the group’s popularity in the region.

4. Istanbul, Turkey

The addition of Istanbul brings BTS closer to their Middle Eastern fans. Performing in this culturally rich city will undoubtedly be a highlight of the tour.

5. Auckland, New Zealand

Down under, BTS will also visit New Zealand for the first time. The concert in Auckland will cater to fans who might have missed out on their previous Australia-only stops.

The BTS World Tour Experience

Attending a BTS concert is more than just a musical performance; it’s an immersive experience. Here’s what fans can look forward to:

1. Fan Engagement

BTS is known for their strong connection with their fans. Expect interactive segments during the concert where the members engage with the audience, making every fan feel special.

2. Merchandising Extravaganza

Official tour merchandise is always a big part of the BTS concert experience. From light sticks to exclusive apparel, fans will have the chance to grab limited-edition items to commemorate the tour.

3. Unforgettable Memories

Each concert is designed to create lasting memories. Whether it’s through the powerful performances, heartfelt speeches, or the unity felt among the ARMYs, attending a BTS concert is an event to remember.


BTS announces world tour dates for 2024: new cities added, and the excitement is palpable. This tour promises to be bigger and better, with more cities, more fans, and more unforgettable moments. As BTS continues to break boundaries and connect with their global audience, the “Map of the Soul: Beyond” tour is set to be a landmark event in their career.


Q: When will the BTS World Tour 2024 start? A: The tour is set to kick off in early 2024, with exact dates to be announced soon.

Q: How can I buy tickets for the BTS World Tour 2024? A: Tickets will be available through official ticketing platforms. Stay tuned to BTS’s official social media channels and website for updates on ticket sales.

Q: What safety measures will be in place for the concerts? A: BTS and the concert organizers will follow all local health guidelines to ensure the safety of attendees. Details on specific safety measures will be provided closer to the concert dates.

Q: Will BTS perform songs from their latest album? A: Yes, the setlist is expected to include a mix of classic hits and new tracks from their recent albums.

Q: Are there any special fan events planned for the tour? A: BTS is known for engaging with their fans, so special events and interactive segments are likely to be part of the tour experience. Keep an eye out for announcements from the band.

Get ready, ARMYs! The BTS World Tour 2024 is coming, and it’s going to be an unforgettable ride.

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