Best K-Dramas to Watch in May 2024: Top 10 Picks

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As we step into May 2024, the world of K-Dramas continues to captivate audiences with its diverse genres, compelling storylines, and charismatic actors. If you’re looking for the best K-Dramas to watch in May 2024, you’re in the right place. This list of top 10 picks will guide you through the most anticipated releases of the month, ensuring you don’t miss out on any must-watch shows.

Best K-Dramas to Watch in May 2024: Top 10 Picks

Here are the top 10 K-Dramas that you should add to your watchlist this May:

1. “The Secret Healer”

A historical fantasy drama, “The Secret Healer” follows the journey of a young shaman who discovers her extraordinary healing powers. Set against the backdrop of ancient Korea, this drama combines mysticism with romance and political intrigue.

Key Highlights

  • Genre: Historical, Fantasy, Romance
  • Cast: Lee Min-ho, Kim Yoo-jung
  • Why Watch: Stunning visuals, compelling storyline, and top-notch performances.

2. “City Lights”

“City Lights” is a modern romance drama that explores the lives of two individuals from different walks of life who find love and solace in each other amidst the bustling cityscape.

Key Highlights

  • Genre: Romance, Drama
  • Cast: Park Seo-joon, Han So-hee
  • Why Watch: Heartwarming romance, relatable characters, and beautiful cinematography.

3. “Phantom Detective”

A thrilling detective series, “Phantom Detective” follows a genius detective with a mysterious past as he solves complex cases while battling his inner demons.

Key Highlights

  • Genre: Thriller, Mystery, Crime
  • Cast: Ji Chang-wook, Kim Ji-won
  • Why Watch: Intriguing plot twists, intense action, and stellar acting.

4. “Eternal Love”

“Eternal Love” is a fantasy romance drama about an immortal being who falls in love with a mortal. Their love story spans centuries, facing numerous obstacles and challenges.

Key Highlights

  • Genre: Fantasy, Romance
  • Cast: Gong Yoo, Bae Suzy
  • Why Watch: Epic love story, captivating fantasy elements, and emotional depth.

5. “The Last Guardian”

Set in a dystopian future, “The Last Guardian” centers on a group of rebels fighting against a tyrannical regime. The protagonist discovers his unique abilities and becomes the last hope for humanity.

Key Highlights

  • Genre: Sci-Fi, Action, Drama
  • Cast: Kim Soo-hyun, Seo Ye-ji
  • Why Watch: Gripping storyline, spectacular special effects, and powerful performances.

6. “My Sweet Revenge”

A romantic comedy with a twist, “My Sweet Revenge” follows a woman who seeks to get even with her unfaithful ex-boyfriend by dating his boss. However, she unexpectedly falls for him instead.

Key Highlights

  • Genre: Romance, Comedy
  • Cast: IU, Lee Jong-suk
  • Why Watch: Light-hearted humor, charming chemistry, and feel-good moments.

7. “Echoes of Time”

“Echoes of Time” is a mystery drama that revolves around a detective who can communicate with his past self. Together, they solve cold cases and uncover hidden truths.

Key Highlights

  • Genre: Mystery, Thriller, Sci-Fi
  • Cast: Song Joong-ki, Kim Tae-ri
  • Why Watch: Unique concept, engaging plot, and excellent performances.

8. “Winter Sonata 2”

A sequel to the beloved classic, “Winter Sonata 2” continues the story of love, loss, and redemption. New characters are introduced, bringing fresh dynamics to the timeless tale.

Key Highlights

  • Genre: Romance, Melodrama
  • Cast: Hyun Bin, Son Ye-jin
  • Why Watch: Nostalgic appeal, emotional depth, and beautiful storytelling.

9. “Rising Star”

“Rising Star” is a musical drama that follows the journey of aspiring musicians competing in a prestigious music academy. It explores their dreams, friendships, and rivalries.

Key Highlights

  • Genre: Music, Drama
  • Cast: Jung Hae-in, Park Bo-young
  • Why Watch: Inspiring story, great music, and strong character development.

10. “The Hidden Truth”

A legal drama, “The Hidden Truth” revolves around a rookie lawyer who uncovers corruption and injustice within the legal system. Her quest for truth and justice is both challenging and dangerous.

Key Highlights

  • Genre: Legal, Drama, Thriller
  • Cast: Lee Joon-gi, Moon Chae-won
  • Why Watch: Riveting legal battles, moral dilemmas, and compelling narrative.


In conclusion, these are the Best K-Dramas to Watch in May 2024: Top 10 Picks. Each drama offers something unique, from historical fantasies and thrilling mysteries to heartwarming romances and inspiring stories. Make sure to add these to your watchlist and enjoy the captivating world of K-Dramas this May.


Q: Where can I watch these K-Dramas?

A: Most of these K-Dramas will be available on popular streaming platforms such as Netflix, Viki, and Kocowa. Check the specific platform for each drama’s availability.

Q: Are these K-Dramas suitable for all age groups?

A: While many K-Dramas are suitable for a general audience, some may contain themes and content more appropriate for mature viewers. It’s always best to check the ratings and reviews beforehand.

Q: Will these K-Dramas have English subtitles?

A: Yes, most streaming platforms provide English subtitles for K-Dramas, making them accessible to international audiences.

Q: How often are new K-Dramas released?

A: New K-Dramas are released regularly, with multiple new titles premiering each month. Keeping an eye on upcoming releases will help you stay updated on the latest shows.

Q: Can I watch these K-Dramas for free?

A: Some platforms offer free viewing with ads, while others require a subscription. Occasionally, episodes may be available for free for a limited time.

By following this guide and watching these top 10 picks, you can immerse yourself in the exciting world of K-Dramas and experience the best that May 2024 has to offer.

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