10 Most Played KPop Songs in 2023 on Spotify, All Hits!

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KPop songs are increasingly diverse from generation to generation. The KPop idols also intensively present their best songs for fans on various platforms. Just entering its fifth month, countless K-Pop songs released in 2023 so far. Come on, see the following review.

1. Released on January 27 as the title track of the album The Name Chapter: Temptation, the song “Sugar Rush Ride” belonging to the boy group TXT has been played 71 million times

TXT Sugar Rush Ride
TXT in Sugar Rush Ride concept (twitter.com/BIGHIT_MUSIC)

2. Collaborating with rapper J. Cole, J-Hope’s song “on the street” has been listened to 82 million times

J-Hope in the on the street concept photo (twitter.com/BIGHIT_MUSIC)

3. In English, TWICE’s pre-release song titled “MOONLIGHT SUNRISE” has reached 84 million plays

TWICE in MOONLIGHT SUNRISE concept photo (twitter.com/JYPETWICE)

4. Part of Jimin BTS’ debut album titled FACE, the song “Like Crazy (English Version)” has collected 96 million streams, you know

Jimin BTS in album FACE concept photo (twitter.com/BIGHIT_MUSIC)

5. Released on March 17, Jimin BTS’s song “Set Me Free Pt.2” has been played 98 million times on Spotify

Jimin BTS in album FACE concept photo (twitter.com/BIGHIT_MUSIC)

6. Being the last BLACKPINK member to debut solo, Jisoo managed to make the “Flower” fever and the song has been played more than 101 million, you know

Jisoo BLACKPINK in FLOWER poster (twitter.com/BIGHIT_MUSIC)

7. Once again dominating, Jimin BTS’ song titled “Like Crazy” which was released on March 24 has been listened to 119 million times

Jimin BTS in Like Crazy poster (twitter.com/BIGHIT_MUSIC)

8. Listened to more than 126 million times, Taeyang BIGBANG, who hooked on Jimin BTS, released a song called “VIBE” on January 13

Taeyang BIGBANG and Jimin BTS in VIBE concept photo (twitter.com/Realtaeyang)

9. After going viral on TikTok, the song “Cupid – Twin Ver.” belonging to the rookie girl group FIFTY FIFTY has been heard 157 million times

FIFTY FIFTY in Cupid concept photo (twitter.com/we_fiftyfifty)

10. Released on January 2 as part of the single album OMG, NewJeans’ song titled “OMG” has been played 306 million times. Daebak!

NewJeans in OMG concept photo (twitter.com/NewJeans_ADOR)

Having various meanings that are relatable to everyday life accompanied by ear catching tones, it’s no wonder the K-Pop songs above went viral and were played tens to hundreds of millions of times. From the list of KPop songs most played on Spotify above in 2023, which is your favorite song?

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