BLACKPINK’s Jennie Chronology Criticized for Appearance at the 2023 Met Gala

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Jennie BLACKPINK in Met Gala (

For years, the Met Gala has been an event for world artists to appear with eye-catching outfits. Likewise at the Met Gala 2023 which carries the theme Karl Lagerfeld: A Line of Beauty.

Not a few public figures choose to look eccentric at this fashion event which was held on Monday (1/5/2023) United States time. But there are also those who decide to wear a simple outfit . One of them is Jennie BLACKPINK. 

Although many people think that Jennie has succeeded in capturing attention, not a few netizens have criticized her appearance. Check out the following chronology!

1. Jennie appeared in a classic Chanel dress

Jennie BLACKPINK in Met Gala 2023 (

In her first appearance at the Met Gala, Jennie represented the famous fashion brand, Chanel. She also walked on the red carpet in a classic black and white dress of the brand.

Jennie also chose a fairly simple hair style, namely by swaying it with a little braid on the front. As for the makeup, she uses the natural-bold style she usually wears at concerts.

2. Many people think that Jennie’s appearance is too simple and does not match the theme

Jennie BLACKPINK in Met Gala 2023 (

Even though he managed to grab attention as one of the KPop stars who attended the Met Gala, not a few netizens criticized Jennie’s appearance. Netizens said that the dress she was wearing was too simple for an event as big as the Met Gala.

They also compared Jennie’s appearance with other artists who appeared with a more luxurious outfit . Netizens also regret why Jennie wears very minimal accessories.

3. Not a few netizens defend Jennie

Jennie BLACKPINK in Met Gala 2023 (

Despite receiving criticism, not a few people defended Jennie. For them, the outfit she wore was on point and in line with the theme, which was reminiscent of the work of Karl Lagerfeld, one of Chanel’s creative directors and several other famous fashion brands. from the work of Karl Lagerfeld. It is known that Karl’s original work is called “Look 164” which is part of Chanel’s Fall/Winter 1990 Ready to Wear Collection.

4. Jennie admitted that she was lucky to be able to wear a dress from Chanel

Jennie BLACKPINK in Met Gala 2023 (

Jennie even discussed her dress in an interview with Vogue. She admitted that she was happy and honored to be able to wear a dress that was re-designed from Karl’s work. ” he expressed to Vogue.

5. He also managed to make a joke about other artists’ dresses that are more exciting

Jennie BLACKPINK in Met Gala 2023 (

Jennie also realized that her appearance at the 2023 Met Gala could indeed be considered simple when compared to other artists. In the same interview, she also made a small joke about her appearance.

“I saw people wearing crazy clothes and I was really curious about how they could sit,” said Jennie, laughing.

Met Gala indeed frees the brand and the artists it brings to interpret the theme every year. That’s why, actually there’s no limit on how luxurious or how simple their appearance should be. Moreover, this dress is actually a redesign of the work by Karl Lagerfeld which is this year’s theme.

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