4 KPop Group Concerts Postponed or Canceled in Early 2023

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4 KPop Group Concerts Postponed or Canceled in Early 2023
Red Velvet and iKON portraits (instagram.com/redvelvet.smtown | instagram.com/withikonic)

Although many were successfully held, some KPop group concerts were forced to be postponed or canceled. Of course, this disappoints fans who have been waiting for their idol’s appearance for a long time.

Starting from member health problems to agency negligence, here are a series of concerts that were postponed and canceled for various reasons. I wonder why? Check this out!

1. Red Velvet

Red Velvet
Red Velvet portrait (instagram.com/redvelvet.smtown)

On Thursday (11/5/2023), Red Velvet was forced to postpone the concert “Red Velvet 4th Concert: R to V” concert in Bangkok, Thailand. This concert should have been held on May 13-14. However, the decision had to be made after Wendy was infected with COVID-19.

Even the promoter, SM True, announced the postponement was indefinite, which means there is no replacement schedule for the concert in Bangkok, Thailand. Moreover, the SM Entertainment girl group’s schedule is so busy, including doing the Europe Tour.

2. WEi

WEi portrait (instagram.com/wei__official)

Meanwhile, WEi decided to cancel all of its concerts in Latin America in June. However, OUI Entertainment’s boy group will exclude Mexico City, so they will still hold a concert there on June 4.

According to the agency’s statement, the concert was canceled due to problems with local concert promotion company MC Entertainment. That is why, they were unable to continue the tour entitled “PASSION” in Latin America.


E’LAST portrait (instagram.com/elast_official)

On Thursday (5/18/2023), boy group E’LAST was scheduled to make a stop in Atlanta of their highly anticipated “Thrill North America Tour”. Unfortunately, due to the negligence of the promoter, their concert had to be canceled.

Moreover, fans who were at the concert venue have reported that this happened due to poor management from the promoter. In fact, the stage that was planned to be used was a former wedding event which was feared to pose a potential risk.

4. iKON

iKON portrait (instagram.com/withikonic)

On Monday (5/15/2023), the promoter of iKON’s concert in Madrid, Jin Entertainment, shared an announcement about the postponement of the “TAKE OFF” world tour through its Twitter account. They promised to make refunds for those who bought concert tickets.

In addition, Jin Entertainment also stated that iKON’s concert, which was to be held in Madrid on June 21, 2023, was postponed indefinitely. So, they cannot confirm the exact date for the replacement concert.

Starting from member health problems to promoter negligence, of course, there are many reasons that can make a concert have to be postponed or canceled. For example, Red Velvet postponed its concert in Thailand because Wendy was infected with COVID-19.

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