5 Unrealistic Images of XO, Kitty about South Korea

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5 Unrealistic Images of XO, Kitty about South Korea
Anna Cathcart in XO, Kitty (instagram.com/netflixid

The latest Netflix series, XO, Kitty was officially released globally on Thursday (5/18/2023). This spin-off of To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before takes place in Seoul, South Korea with Kitty (Anna Cathcart) as the main character. She is the younger sister of Lara Jean (Lana Condor) who was the center of the story in the previous season.

By taking the story and cast from South Korea, XO, Kitty successfully stole the show. However, this series has been criticized for portraying South Korea unrealistically. Here are some of the criticisms.

1. Kissing in the library

5 Unrealistic Images of XO, Kitty about South Korea
XO, Kitty trailer (doc. Netflix/XO, Kitty)

There are several romance scenes in XO, Kitty that show students kissing in the school library. Although it managed to make the audience anxious, South Korean netizens considered this scene completely unrealistic.

As you know, South Korea is a fairly conventional country. It would be difficult to make out in public, especially if the person doing it is a student and they are at school.

The majority of Korean dramas with school romance themes don’t even show scenes like this when the main cast is in a school environment. Besides being unrealistic, this scene will set a bad example for minors.

2. Chaebol buys Stylenanda products

Chaebol buys Stylenanda products
XO, Kitty trailer (doc. Netflix/XO, Kitty)

A chaebol or conglomerate that appears in XO, Kitty is depicted shopping in a shopping area. She wears flashy fancy clothes. However, what KNetz highlights is how the character chooses to shop at Stylenanda.

Actually, there is nothing wrong with the brand. However, although Stylenanda is very popular, its target market is the middle class, not the upper class. The prices of the products are also quite affordable for South Koreans.

That’s why, when the chaebol shops at Stylenanda, many people frown. The portrayal of a conglomerate can be better when it shops for high-end products, like South Korean chaebols do.

3. Fashion image that is too eccentric

Chaebol buys Stylenanda products
XO, Kitty trailer (doc. Netflix/XO, Kitty)

South Koreans really care about their appearance. No wonder, when you visit there, you will see everyone looking fashionable.

However, the depiction of “fashionable” in XO, Kitty is considered not in accordance with reality because it is too eccentric. Moreover, in one scene, a woman is seen wearing a hologram-colored mini dress while walking in the market. South Koreans generally prefer to wear smart casual outfits with fashion items that are easy to wear everyday.

4. Girls are sent to the boys’ dorm just because of their name

Chaebol buys Stylenanda products
XO, Kitty trailer (doc. Netflix/XO, Kitty)

Another strange thing that KNetz noticed was how Kitty was sent to the boys’ dormitory when she was a girl. Moreover, this was only because of her surname, Song.

In the scene, Kitty’s friend says that the name “Song” looks like a boy. When, in fact, Song is a surname and can be used by everyone. For example, actresses Song Hye Kyo and Song Ji Hyo.

Moreover, the main character’s nickname is Kitty, which doesn’t sound male at all. This then makes South Korean netizens think XO, Kitty makes no sense.

5. A school lunch of cupcakes

A school lunch of cupcakes
XO, Kitty trailer (doc. Netflix/XO, Kitty)

As is known, schools in South Korea provide lunch for their students. This is also depicted in XO, Kitty. However, again there are aspects that do not match reality.

It is depicted that one of the school lunch menus is cupcakes. This is unusual for South Korean schools. Generally, they only provide heavy and nutritious meals, such as rice, various soups, and banchan or other side dishes.

Despite the criticism of XO, Kitty by South Korean netizens, many found the rom-com series interesting to watch. Fortunately, the criticism is not so fatal that it offends the culture that has taken root in South Korea. But still, the irregularities above could have been overcome with more in-depth research about the country.

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