5 Characters Who Turned to Support Cha Jeong Suk in Doctor Cha

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There’s a toxic in-law!

Park Joon Geum in Doctor Cha (dok. JTBC/Doctor Cha)

When deciding to continue her specialist education in old age, Cha Jeong Suk (Uhm Jung Hwa) in the drama Doctor Cha was opposed by several parties. Many also underestimated her who was still a beginner. There are even those who try to tackle his hard work and make her stop working.

Despite facing criticism, Cha Jeong Suk never gave up. He continues to work hard and do everything with sincerity. Not surprisingly, now there are several parties who initially opposed it so they turn to support it. Let’s see who they are.

Warning, this article contains spoilers.

1. Seo In Ho

Kim Byung Chul in Doctor Cha (dok. JTBC/Doctor Cha)

Cha Jeong Suk’s husband initially strongly opposed his wife’s desire to work again. He openly insulted or made Cha Jeong Suk difficult in the hospital. He did it all for fear of being caught cheating.

However, Seo In Ho’s (Kim Byung Chul) attitude changed after his family found out about his affair. He became a caper and tried to pay attention to his wife. One of them, by supporting his wife’s decision to return to work as a doctor.

2. Kwak Ae Shim

Park Joon Geum in Doctor Cha (dok. JTBC/Doctor Cha)

Kwak Ae Shim (Park Joon Geum) was also initially against Cha Jeong Suk working again. She, who usually lives comfortably because Cha Jeong Suk takes care of the house, becomes difficult when her daughter-in-law decides to stop being a housewife. However, Kwak Ae Shim’s attitude changed completely after her son was caught cheating on her. She has now turned to support her daughter-in-law.

3. Jeon So Ra

Jo A Ram in Doctor Cha (dok. JTBC/Doctor Cha)

Jeon So Ra (Jo A Ram) is a senior resident doctor at Geosan University Hospital. She is known to be fierce when scolding his juniors who make mistakes, including Cha Jeong Suk who is much older than her. However, Jeon So Ra’s attitude became better after it was revealed that Cha Jeong Suk was the mother of her lover.

4. Seo I Rang

Lee Seo Yeon in Doctor Cha (dok. JTBC/Doctor Cha)

At first, Cha Jeong Suk’s youngest son was against his mother working as a doctor again. Seo I Rang (Lee Seo Yeon) wants more attention considering she is already in 12th grade and must prepare for college entrance exams. Even so, she melted after seeing how sincere her mother’s love and support for him.

5. Leader Oh Chang Gyu

Song Young Chang and Uhm Jung Hwa in Doctor Cha (dok. JTBC/Doctor Cha)

As a VIP patient, Chairman Oh Chang Gyu (Song Young Chang) initially often did things that irritated the hospital staff. He is also angry and often expels medical staff, including Cha Jeong Suk. However, Cha Jeong Suk’s sincerity in treating him moved him. He donated a large amount of funds to the hospital on the condition that Cha Jeong Suk continue to work there.

Thanks to his dedication, hard work, and sincerity, Cha Jeong Suk can slowly become a competent doctor. She can even make people who initially underestimated her, turn to support her. Keep following his story in every episode of Doctor Cha, yes.

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