Why FIFTY FIFTY deserves to be on the Barbie Movie OST Line-Up

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FIFTY FIFTY on the line-up with Dua Lipa to Ava Max

FIFTY FIFTY portrait (instagram.com/we_fiftyfifty)

Thanks to the hit “Cupid”, FIFTY FIFTY is currently at the peak of its career. Even on Thursday (5/25/2023), the girl group made by Attrakt was announced to be one of the soundtrack line-ups of the Barbie movie which will air on July 26.

Of course, this happy news was immediately greeted enthusiastically by HUNNIES or FIFTY FIFTY fans, here. They said they would look forward to the song that would be released by their idol. Well, here are a series of reasons FIFTY FIFTY deserves to be included in the line-up of Barbie movie OST fillers.

1. FIFTY FIFTY joins the line-up for the Barbie movie OST

FIFTY FIFTY portrait (instagram.com/we_fiftyfifty)

Recently, FIFTY FIFTY was confirmed to take part in Greta Gerwig’s Barbie movie. The girl group made by Attrakt will fill the soundtrack of the film, which is scheduled to air on July 21, by performing the song “Barbie Dreams”.

However, not only FIFTY FIFTY, a number of other world musicians also filled the Barbie movie soundtrack, such as Dua Lipa, Lizzo, Ice Spice, Charli XCX, Nicki Minaj, Ava Max, Khalid, Ryan Gosling, and many more. Well, it’s worth the wait, yeorobun!

2. FIFTY FIFTY breaks BLACKPINK’s record

FIFTY FIFTY portrait (instagram.com/we_fiftyfifty)

Last March, FIFTY FIFTY managed to become the fastest KPop group to enter Billboard’s Hot 100. In fact, their viral hit “Cupid” took the top spot for the first time after their debut.

In its 9th consecutive week on Billboard’s Hot 100, “Cupid” held steady at No. 18, setting a new record for the longest charting KPop girl group song in chart history. The previous record was held by BLACKPINK and Selena Gomez with “Ice Cream” which spent 8 weeks on the chart in 2020.

3. FIFTY FIFTY’s monthly listeners on Spotify reached over 30 million

FIFTY FIFTY portrait (instagram.com/we_fiftyfifty)

It’s no wonder that FIFTY FIFTY’s popularity is on the rise. Because their viral song “Cupid” has become the background sound for videos on Reels to TikTok. In addition to the Billboard’s Hot 100, FIFTY FIFTY even now beats BLACKPINK’s record on Spotify, you know.

FIFTY FIFTY successfully achieved a new achievement on the streaming platform with their monthly listeners reaching more than 30 million. This figure is a new record for KPop girl group monthly listeners throughout Spotify history, previously held by BLACKPINK on September 26, 2022.

4. Real vocal that received a lot of praise

FIFTY FIFTY portrait (instagram.com/we_fiftyfifty)

In addition to the favorable song, FIFTY-FIFTY’s live singing skills also left HUNNIES and netizens speechless. In fact, the girl group consisting of Saena, Sio, Aran, and Keena managed to reap a lot of praise thanks to their vocal abilities.

One of them, when appearing on the Arirang radio show “DJ Ashley’s Radio ‘Clock”, FIFTY FIFTY appeared to sing the song “Cupid” live with minimal back track, so that their original voices could be heard clearly. There’s no doubt about it!

Well, it seems appropriate that FIFTY FIFTY was chosen to be in the line-up of Barbie movie soundtrack performers on July 21 with all their achievements and talents. Let’s look forward to their latest song for the OST of the Hollywood movie!

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