5 Fruits on the K-Pop Idol Diet Menu, Want to Try?

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Jennie Blackpink (instagram.com/jennierubyjane)

Reporting from the NHS, consuming fruit is mandatory in fulfilling the nutrients needed by the body. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), we are encouraged to consume at least 400 grams of fruit a day. However, now many people ignore it for various reasons. Even if examined further, the fruit has a myriad of benefits for the body. From being able to provide sufficient nutrition to fight various types of diseases to being a healthy diet choice. 

 Well, this is also the basis for K-Pop idols to always include fruit in their diet menu. Not without reason, because actually the job of being an idol requires them to have an ideal body. 

Who are the KPop idols who eat fruit as part of their diet? Let’s look at the following reviews!

1. IU

IU (instagram.com/dlwlrma)

This diet created by IU went viral until it was made a challenge on social media. Fans and creators also do the ‘IU Diet Challenge’ to prove if the diet is effective in losing weight instantly.

While on a diet, IU restricted her food intake very strictly. Having a simple diet menu, he only relies on 1 apple for breakfast, 2 sweet potatoes during the day and at night he only drinks a protein shake. 

 However, IU’s diet is considered dangerous enough that it should not be done in the long term. The South Korean soloist born in 1993 even admitted to having health complaints such as fatigue and fainting. Therefore, now he chooses to consult a professional in order to maintain a healthier diet.

2. Somi

Jeon Somi (instagram.com/somsomi0309)

To lose weight, bananas are Jeon Somi’s choice. In one day, he will only eat one banana for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Besides that, she also doesn’t forget to drink lots of water.

By following this diet, this former member of the girl group IOI managed to lose up to 4 kg of weight per week. An extraordinary achievement, but it’s not worth trying because the diet is quite extreme. 

 Somi actually often eats the food she likes and wants. So, he doesn’t always do the banana diet, he will only go on a diet if he wants to lose weight.

3. Jennie Blackpink

Jennie Blackpink (instagram.com/jennierubyjane)

In an interview with Road to Star with other Blackpink members in 2019. Jennie once revealed that avocado is her favorite fruit, especially if avocado is used as a topping for her favorite food, namely sandwiches.

 Even now, Jennie also uses her favorite fruit to support her healthy diet program. Usually before working out she will have breakfast with fruit or whole grain bread, then at lunch she will eat avocado salad.

 It’s not wrong if Jennie makes avocado her favorite fruit. The high fiber content in avocados can make you feel full longer, preventing you from overeating. That’s why this fruit which has the nickname superfruit is perfect for losing weight.

4. Solar Mamamoo

Solar Mamamoo (instagram.com/solarkeem)

Solar is a member of Mamamoo who diligently uploads videos on his YouTube account called Solarsido. One of the video contents entitled “I lost 2 Kilograms in Three Days”, he shared his diet process in great detail. Initially Solar made a schedule of what menus she would consume in one day and the diet program she would live for three days. : apples in the morning, grapes and persimmons at lunch and persimmons again for dinner. Looking at her diet menu list which is so solid and balanced, unexpectedly it turns out that she can lose up to 2 kg in just 3 days.

5. Yeji Itzy

Yeji Itzy (instagram.com/itzy.all.in.us)

The leader of the girl group made by JYP Entertainment, who is often called Yeji Itzy, also has her own diet when it comes to eating patterns. The diet program he has been following is aimed at maintaining his appearance and supporting his performance during the gig.

Every day Yeji will consume watermelon for breakfast and snacks. Well, watermelon itself has a low calorie content and a high water content, which makes watermelon lose weight quickly. The delicious taste of fruit, plus various benefits to support their diet program.

Consuming fruit for diet is very important, but not immediately consuming only fruit because it can result in a lack of nutritional intake needed by the body. Therefore, there are many aspects that need to be considered, not only reducing portions to get the body everyone wants, but most importantly balanced nutrition. Agree?

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