There’s a Quendoom Puzzle, These are 5 Survival Programs Followed by Lee Chaeyeon

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The survival program is a competition that seeks a winner at the end of the event. In South Korea itself, this survival program is very popular because it presents intense competition between participants. Apart from that, the events that were contested also varied, from rap, dance, to idol group debuts. In 2023, he will participate in Mnet’s survival program Quendoom Puzzle. Of course this news made the public excited and praised Lee Chaeyeon’s persistence in joining the survival program. 

1. K-Pop Star 3 (2013)

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K-Pop Star is an audition program to find potential K-Pop stars who have unique characteristics. No kidding, this program itself hooked Park Jin Young to Yang Hyun Suk as judges. Lee Chaeyeon herself participated in K-Pop Star season 3 in 2013.

Not alone, he joined this program with his younger brother, Lee Chaeryeong. Still 13 years old, at that time Lee Chaeyeon managed to amaze the judges with her dancing skills. However, Lee Chaeyeon had to be eliminated in 13th place.

Even so, it was from there that she and her sister were recruited as JYP Entertainment trainees by Park Jin Young who was interested in the potential of the two.

2. Sixteen (2015)

Lee Chaeyeon in Sixteen (

Lee Chaeyeon’s struggle to become a singer must be tested again. In 2015, JYP Entertainment created the survival program Sixteen. Followed by 16 JYP Entertainment trainees, later they will be selected and debut as members of Twice. 

 But, in the third episode, Lee Chaeyeon had to be eliminated because for an idol she still looks cold. In addition, Park Jin Young also said that he could not debut siblings in one agency, which made Lee Chaeyeon leave and join WM entertainment.

3. Produce 48 (2018)

Lee Chaeyeon and IZ*ONE (

Not giving up just like that, Lee Chaeyeon returned to join the survival program Produce 48 as a trainee from WM entertainment. Produce 48 itself is a cooperative survival program between Mnet and group 48 from Japan to debut 12 finalists as a group. 

 Followed by 96 trainees from South Korea and Japan who competed fiercely, Lee Chaeyeon tried hard to show her skills. Until, Lee Chaeyeon managed to rank 12th and debut as a member of IZ*ONE on October 29 2018. 

 In the group itself, Lee Chaeyeon is believed to occupy the position of dancer and vocal. It was from there that the name Lee Chaeyeon became widely known as IZ * ONE’s popularity increased. 

4. Street Woman Fighter (2021)

Lee Chaeyeon in Street Woman Fighter ( _dance)

Only having a contract of approximately 2 years, Lee Chaeyeon had to leave IZ*ONE after disbanding on April 29 2021 and return to activities under the auspices of her original agency. 

 Then in August 2021, Lee Chaeyeon surprised many people by joining the Mnet survival program, Street Woman Fighter, where 8 dance crews competed for first place. In this program, Lee Chaeyeon became a member of the WANT dance crew.

Having an idol background, Lee Chaeyeon was once underestimated by other dancers. Despite trying their best, Lee Chaeyeon and the WANT dance crew had to be eliminated in 7th place.

5. Quendoom Puzzle (2023)

Lee Chaeyeon (

After the success of the Quendoom program, Mnet presents another spin off of the program, namely Quendoom Puzzle. With Taeyeon as the MC, this program aims to form a strong global girl group by recruiting girl group members and soloists who are currently actively promoting, one of which is Lee Chaeyeon.

 Since releasing her first album Hush Rush in September 2022, Lee Chaeyeon has started to actively promote as solo singer.

Lee Chaeyeon herself is included in the first line up of the Quendoom Puzzle contestants with Yeeun CLC, JooE ex MOMOLAND, Kei Lovelyz and many others. Continuing to regularly announce the participants, Quendoom Puzzle is planned to be broadcast in July 2023. 

Lee Chaeyeon’s participation in Quendoom Puzzle had caused a stir in the public and was very appreciative of Lee Chaeyeon’s steely mind who often took part in survival programs. Come on, cheer for Lee Chaeyeon. fighting!

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