5 Mother Characters in Kdrama Doctor Cha, Who’s Your Favorite?

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Their story stirs emotions

Uhm Jung Hwa and Kim Mi Kyung in Doctor Cha (doc. JTBC/Doctor Cha)

Doctor Cha is one of the 2023 kdramas that successfully achieved high ratings. The story, which combines the medical genre with the theme of infidelity wrapped in comedy, managed to steal attention. Watching Uhm Jung Hwa and Kim Byung Chul’s kdrama stirs emotions, from sadness, annoyance, to laughter.

In addition to the story of infidelity and the life of a resident doctor, this kdrama also discusses the love of mothers for their children. Therefore, there are quite a lot of mother characters in this JTBC and Netflix kdrama. Let’s take a look at the five mother figures in the following Doctor Cha kdramas.

1. Cha Jeong Suk

Uhm Jung Hwa in Doctor Cha (doc. JTBC/Doctor Cha)

Because of one mistake, Cha Jeong Suk (Uhm Jung Hwa) got pregnant and married at a young age. At that time, she was busy studying at the Faculty of Medicine. Even so, Cha Jeong Suk’s maternal instincts and love for her daughters are unquestionable. He will do everything for them.

2. Choi Seung Hi

Myung Se Bin in Doctor Cha (doc. JTBC/Doctor Cha)

Choi Seung Hi (Myung Se Bin) ended up being a single mother after she became pregnant with Seo In Ho’s (Kim Byung Chul) child even though the man had married Cha Jeong Suk. She was willing to be expelled by his father because he wanted to raise the child even without getting married. She is also willing to be Seo In Ho’s mistress on the grounds that she doesn’t want to give a stepfather figure in her daughter’s life.

3. Oh Deok Rye

Kim Mi Kyung in Doctor Cha (dok. JTBC/Doctor Cha)

Oh Deok Rye (Kim Mi Kyung) is Cha Jeong Suk’s biological mother. Like her daughter, she is a tough, supportive, and loving mother. She even takes care of and raises her orphaned niece like her own child.

4. Kwak Ae Shim

Park Joon Geum in Doctor Cha (dok. JTBC/Doctor Cha)

Kwak Ae Shim (Park Joon Geum) is Seo In Ho’s mother and Cha Jeong Suk’s mother-in-law. Coming from a rich family, she never touches housework but demands a lot of her son-in-law. Although she almost always defends her son, Kwak Ae Shim still scolds him severely for having an affair and even having a child.

5. Yoo Ji Sun

Kang Ji Young di balik layar Doctor Cha (instagram.com/kkangjji_)

Played by Kang Ji Young, Yoo Ji Sun is one of the patients at Geosan University Hospital. She is quite close to Cha Jeong Suk. She has a sad story when she decided not to undergo cancer treatment because she was heavily pregnant. In the end she died a few weeks after giving birth.

The five mother characters above show more or less about good and bad parenting styles. In addition, their stories in Doctor Cha also teach us about the limitless love of mothers. A mother will do everything for their children.

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