5 NCT Members Who Dare to Directly Rebuke Sasaeng, Latest Taeyong!

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Pic Taeyong, Haechan, dan Doyoung (instagram/nct127)

As one of the globally popular groups made by SM Entertainment, of course NCT is not immune from harassment by sasaengs. In fact, even when they are on the move or while doing live broadcasts, they are constantly harassed by toxic fans.

That’s why, the members who can’t stand it finally have the courage to fight against sasaengs, as recently done by Taeyong.

 1. Taeyong

Pic Taeyong NCT (instagram.com/taeoxo_nct)

On Sunday (7/5/2023), Taeyong had time to greet NCTzen via Instagram live broadcast. Here, he doesn’t show his face too much because of the minimal lighting. Even so, he still looks engrossed in reading and responding to comments from fans.

However, the live which he was doing had to be interrupted by a phone call from the Indonesia region who was suspected of being a sasaeng. Even the leader from NCT did not hesitate to directly reprimand the caller to stop contacting him.

Apart from Taeyong, several other NCT members also dared to directly rebuke the sasaengs. Here’s the list!

2. Haechan

Pic Haechan NCT (instagram.com/nct127)

Haechan has also become a topic of conversation because of his courage to reprimand the sasaengs on V Live. This started when he expressed his frustration because at NCT’s residence, there were approximately 20 people who were always waiting for the members. 

In fact, what made him even more annoyed, sasaeng was waiting in almost all NCT units, such as NCT 127 and NCT DREAM. Apart from that, the singer of the song “Beatbox” also said that the neighbors around where he lived said they were disturbed because of the act of sasaengs.

3. Renjun NCT

Pic Renjun NCT (instagram.com/yellow_3to3)

Apart from Haechan, Renjun also showed his courage to rebuke the sasaengs during a V Live with Jeno and Chenle. In the middle of the broadcast, Jeno received several calls from sasaeng which of course disrupted their interaction with NCTzens.

In fact, even though Jeno exposed his sasaeng’s phone number, that didn’t stop him from carrying out his actions. Renjun who was furious finally picked up the phone, saying “Please stop this right now” and immediately turned it off.

4. Doyoung

Pic Doyoung NCT (instagram.com/do0_nct)

Not only reprimanding him, even Doyoung’s action against this sasaeng was able to reap a lot of praise, you know. The photo of him taking or recording the face of the sasaeng which bothered him was circulating on social media at that time.

 Instead of avoiding it, the singer of the song “Favorite” even criticized it by exposing the behavior of the sasaeng. Doyoung’s action received a lot of support because he was considered to have done the right thing.

5. Lucas

Pic t Lucas NCT (instagram.com/lucas_xx444)

WayV was once followed by a sasaeng while doing a shoot in quite cold weather. In fact, a number of sasaeng are desperate to take pictures of WayV members without permission. The leader, Kun finally felt frustrated and couldn’t hold back his frustration. 

Lucas then sent a message through the Dear Bubble U application to fans which revealed that filming was hampered because of the actions of sasaeng who came to the shooting location and photos of several sasaeng hiding behind a taxi. Salute!

As an idol, of course NCT members have never been spared from harassment by sasaengs. But the action and courage of the members above certainly deserves thumbs up. Cool!

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