Biodata and Profile of Chiquita BABYMONSTER, a Thai Teen with a Delicious Voice

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Chiquita ( | doc. YG Entertainment)
Chiquita ( | doc. YG Entertainment)

YG Entertainment has announced the third member of girl group BABYMONSTER, Chiquita. Through a video uploaded by YG Entertainment on its YouTube account, it can be seen that Chiquita has a melodious voice.

The vocal abilities of this BABYMONSTER member from Thailand have drawn praise from netizens. Curious about this BABYMONSTER Chiquita? Check out her bio and profile below!

1. Chiquita BABYMONSTER’s short bio

Chiquita (dok. YG Entertainment)
Chiquita (dok. YG Entertainment)
  • Full Name: Riracha Phondechaphiphat
  • Stage Name: Chiquita
  • Date of birth: Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand, February 17, 2009
  • Nationality: Thailand
  • Year joined YG Entertainment: 2021
  • Girl group: BABYMONSTER

2. Chiquita’s background

Chiquita (
Chiquita (

Chiquita is a girl from Thailand. She is the second of two children. Her older brother is named Copper Dechawat.

Before joining YG Entertainment, Chiquita was a member of the dance group Red Rose. She joined YG Entertainment since 2021. Although he has only been joining for more than 1 year, his ability is thumbs up.

Besides being able to sing and dance, the owner of another name Canny also has a myriad of other talents, you know. One of them is in language. Apart from his mother tongue, Thai, he is known to be fluent in Korean and English.  

3. Sister of Thai artist Copper Dechawat

Chiquita and Cooper ( |
Chiquita and Cooper ( |

Chiquita is the younger sister of Thai artist Copper Dechawat. Her brother is an actor under the Thai agency, GMMTV. Not only that, her brother is currently one of the 789 Trainees, a survival show that will air in 2023.

He and his brother have an age gap of 3 years. Both of them have a talent for singing, you know. Even when Chiquita’s name was officially announced through YG Entertainment, her sister also gave her support through her Instagram.

4. Youngest member in BABYMONSTER

Chiquita (dok. YG Entertainment)
Chiquita (dok. YG Entertainment)

The owner of the real name Riracha Phondechaphiphat is said to be the youngest member aka maknae in BABYMONSTER. At the time of writing, she is 13 years old.

Even so, her vocal abilities cannot be underestimated. In fact, many say that Chiquita looks like Lisa BLACKPINK, you know. Because, both of them have bangs and straight hair.

5. Her voice gives you goosebumps

Chiquita (dok. YG Entertainment)
Chiquita (dok. YG Entertainment)

YG Entertainment uploaded Chiquita’s music cover video on Sunday (1/22/2023) on their YouTube account. In the video, Chiquita covers a song called “Bedroom” popularized by JJ Lin ft. Anne Marie.

Now Chiquita’s name is in the spotlight after YG Entertainment uploaded her song cover video. Fans can’t stop praising the BABYMONSTER maknae’s vocal abilities.

“She’s only 13 years old? But already has vocals like that? BABYMONSTER members are really full of main vocals and dancers! I can’t wait to see them, let alone hear their work. Fighting,” praised a fan.

“I really got goosebumps hearing Chiquita’s beautiful voice,” commented one fan.

“Chiquita’s voice is really angelic. Very melodious!!!” wrote another fan.  

Indeed, vocal ability is not seen from age, yes. The proof is that even though she is still 13 years old, Chiquita BABYMONSTER has extraordinary vocal abilities. Have you become Chiquita’s fan yet?

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