Chronology of NCT 127 Fans Receives Criticism When Sending Protest Trucks to the SM Office

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Recently, a protest truck sent by an NCT 127 fan suddenly went viral on Twitter. Through the truck, he expressed his grievances related to the way the agency, SM Entertainment, was unfair towards the idol who did not come back.

Although there were many who were against his actions, he still decided to send the protest truck to the SM Entertainment office . Come on, look at the following facts!

1. Starting from uploads in online communities

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On Monday (8/5/2023), an upload related to NCT 127 fans in the online community garnered attention. Even the upload with the title “An NCT 127 Fan Sends a Protest Truck in Front of SM Entertainment” suddenly went viral, you know.

In the post, a netizen who published it also shared some photos of the protest truck and alleged that it was sent by an NCT 127 fan, even though other fans asked him not to.

2. NCT 127’s upcoming activities are still unclear

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Currently, NCT 127 is on hiatus after releasing the 4th album repackage  Ay-Yo on January 30. Moreover, two of its members, Mark and Haechan, are also currently on a world tour with NCT DREAM, and will be holding an encore in Seoul in early June.

Nevertheless, NCT’s 5th sub-unit, DOJAEJUNG, has made their debut in last April 17th. However, fans are starting to question NCT 127’s future activities as a group which SM Entertainment hasn’t been clear about.

“(SM Entertainment) stated that after NCT DOJAEJUNG wraps up their activities, the other members will have solo debuts in June. False one fan prepared this (protest truck) alone, and even though another fan begged him to stop, that fan said he would send it anyway. At this point, fans are telling him to stop on Twitter,” the uploader wrote.

3. Fill in the complaint on the protest truck sent to the SM office

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After the photo shared by the uploader in the online community was spread, many people started highlighting the contents of the complaint from the protest truck that was sent to the SM Entertainment office. In fact, many support the action of NCT 127 fans, you know. The text on the truck read:

“SM Entertainment wore NCT 127’s T-shirt and blamed Lee Soo Man while crying over SM 3.0, but despite saying all the right things, nothing changed”,

“NCT 127 was kept during phase its most important and missing for almost 3 years!”,

“There’s more merchandise and merchandise random than NCT 127’s album. There’s more (NCT127) pop-ups and galleries than news  NCT127’s comeback, and

” SM Entertainment did nothing during the incident when the courier  delivery stole all personal information of the NCT 127 members”.

4. An NCT 127 fan who sent a protest truck drew criticism

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Although many have confirmed the contents of the protest, they still think the truck was sent at an inopportune time. Moreover, Taeyong, who is part of the NCT 127 sub-unit, will soon be releasing his first solo album in June.

So many fans agree that this is not the right time to send a protest truck regarding NCT 127’s complaints that have not come back in the middle of the leader who was preparing for his solo debut.

“The reason for the protest truck was fair, but the timing was really not right,” commented a fan.

5. SM was also flooded with criticism from SHINee and Kai fans

potrait SHINee (dok. SM Entertainment)

Of course, this is not the first time SM Entertainment has been criticized in May. Previously, SHINee fans even threatened to boycott the group’s “Fanmeeting 15th Anniversary” event chaired by Onew because of the problem the venue was deemed inappropriate. . In fact, the military revealed that there was no new law relating to conscription. What do you think, yeorobun?

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