List of aespa Member Instagram Accounts, Finally Got Personal Social Media!

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aespa group portrait (

aespa announced their personal social media accounts for the first time to the public on Monday (5/22/2023). Now, SM Entertainment has allowed the four beautiful members to have their own personal Instagram accounts.

Of course, Karina, Giselle, Winter, and Ningning were immediately flooded with followers. It turns out that in the Instagram account username of the aespa members there are many unique things, you know. What are they? Check out the full information below!

1. Karina (@_ri__na___)

Karina (@_ri__na___)

Karina’s Instagram account (@_ri__na___) uploaded an aespa group portrait with a black and white effect. In the portrait, Karina is seen holding a cell phone to take a mirror photo.

MY, an aespa enthusiast, made a joke out of too many underscores ‘_’ in the username. As of the publication of this article, Karina’s Instagram following has reached over 1 million!

2. Giselle – (@aerichandesu)


Giselle’s Instagram account (@aerichandesu) is named after her real name, Uchinaga Aeri. The Japanese member is often called Aeri-chan by her fans. Meanwhile, the word ‘desu’ in her username means ‘me’.

In her first upload, it was Giselle’s turn to hold the phone to take a photo with the other three members. However, this time without the black and white effect like Karina. Giselle’s Instagram account was immediately flooded with up to 900K followers.

3. Winter (@lm__winter)

Winter (@lm__winter)

Be careful not to be mistaken with Winter’s account username (@lm__winter), here. The reason is, the first letter in the username is a small L, not I. Some fans admitted that they were mistaken and did not realize the uniqueness of Winter’s username.

The singer born January 1, 2001 also uploaded a mirror group portrait with a cellphone held by Winter. She has attracted the attention of more than 1 million followers. Are you one of Winter’s followers?

4. Ningning (@imnotningning)

Ningning (@imnotningning)

Ningning’s Instagram username (@imnotningning) has made her fans laugh. This is because Ningning seems to ‘not recognize’ her Instagram account.

Just like Karina, Ningning uploaded a group portrait with a black and white effect while writing the caption, “Its NINGNING here”. Ningning instantly gained nearly 1 million followers.

With a personal Instagram account, fans hope that the aespa members will be more active in sharing their daily activities. By the way, you’re already following all the aespa members’ accounts, right?

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