Synopsis of Kdrama Reversal, Go Joon Hee’s Comeback Drama

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Synopsis of Korean drama "Reversal"
Go Joon Hee portrait (

Actress Go Joon Hee will finally return to greet her fans through the latest Korean drama titled Reversal. This good news is certainly warmly welcomed by kdrama lovers, not only in the ginseng country in the country, the passion of the kdrama audience seems to be increasing.

Reversal drama must be on your watch list if you’ve missed Go Joo Hee’s four-year hiatus. While waiting for this drama to air, let’s look at the synopsis first!

1. Synopsis of Korean drama “Reversal”

Synopsis of Korean drama "Reversal"
Go Joon Hee portrait (

Recently, Go Joon Hee’s agency officially announced that he will be making a comeback this year through a drama called Reversal. Reversal itself tells the story of Hee Sun, a brave cafe owner and president of the Wolgwang Villa neighborhood association. Hee Sun’s character will be played by Go Joon Hee.

Hee Sun’s character is described as easy-going but brave enough to fight injustice. In addition, the tenant of unit 201 is also known to be ingenious. Anyone who has seen Go Joon Hee’s acting will definitely not doubt his abilities. Through this comeback drama, many fans must have high expectations for Reversal.

2. Drama starring before hiatus

Drama starring before hiatus
Go Joon Hee portrait (

As we know, Go Joon Hee has taken a long break from the screen since 2019. Despite his long hiatus, Go Joon Hee’s figure as a star does not seem to have dimmed, now he is rumored to be returning to acting through the drama Reversal. Before going on hiatus, Go Joon Hee had starred in several drama titles, such as:

1. Breathless (2003)

2. Hello My Teacher (2005)

3. Dasepo Naughty Girl (2006)

4. She Was Pretty (2015) PREVIEW

5. Untouchable (2017)

6. The Slave Hunters (2010)

7. Can You Hear My Heart (2011)

8. The Chaser (2012)

9.Posessed (2019)

Many drama titles and variety shows have starred Go Joon Hee, showing that Go Joon Hee is a talented actress. No wonder, despite the long hiatus Go Joon Hee is still looking forward to returning.

3. Controversy before the hiatus

Controversy before the hiatus
Go Joon Hee portrait (

Before going on hiatus, controversial news involving the name Go Joon Hee immediately shocked the South Korean public. The reason is, this charming actress is suspected of being involved in a prostitution case that also ensnared Seungri, BIGBANG. Although she had denied the news several times, it seems that the public already believed the news, so that the good name of Go Joon Hee and YG Entertainment, as the agency that sheltered her at that time, reaped a lot of blasphemy.

The drama series Posessed became Go Joon Hee’s last drama before she decided to go on hiatus and get a new agency. Go Joon Hee became one of the actresses caught up in a fake scandal that almost destroyed her career, even though she did not know Seungri closely despite having taken pictures together.

That’s the synopsis of the drama Reversal as well as some facts about Go Joon Hee’s hiatus in 2019. Although it has not appeared on the screen for a long time, hopefully through this comeback drama, Go Joon Hee’s career can shine again as before, yes!

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