10 Behind-the-Scenes Portraits of Kdrama Battle for Happiness, Get along!

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Cha Ye Ryun is the idol of child actresses.

Battle for Happiness received a pretty disappointing rating. But in terms of story, the kdrama fronted by Lee El, Park Hyo Joo, Jin Seo Yeon and Cha Ye Ryun is no less interesting than other 2023 kdrama. ENA’s kdrama, which fills the Wednesday and Thursday broadcast schedule, tells the mystery of Oh Yu Jin’s (Park Hyo Joo) death, in the midst of a war of happiness by a group of socialite mothers in an apartment.

Although the relationship between the characters makes the audience nervous, the cast of the kdrama Battle for Happiness actually indulges in intimacy behind the scenes, you know. What is the behind-the-scenes portrait of Battle for Happiness? Let’s take a peek!

1. Having a bad relationship in the drama, Lee El and Park Hyo Joo took a selfie like old friends behind the scenes

2. Cha Ye Ryun and Jin Seo Yeon didn’t want to be outdone either, they showed their intimacy during the filming process.

3. Originally already a housewife, it’s only fitting that Cha Ye Ryun is easily familiar with these supporting child artists

4. Not only in Kdrama, Park Hyo Joo and Noh Ha Yeon are also close like mother and daughter in real life.

5. This time Park Hyo Joo was also seen close to Heo Yool, the actor who played her second daughter in the drama Battle for Happiness. So cute!

6. Cha Ye Ryun also did not want to miss capturing her intimate moment with Noh Ha Yeon, the child artist with top-notch acting talent.

7. Who would have thought that Jin Seo Yeon and Kim Ha Eon would be mother and son only in kdrama? They’re actually really close, here

8. The familiarity of Jin Seo Yeon, Lee Je Yeon and Kim Ha Eon behind the scenes is like a dreamy little family, huh?

9. Compactly wearing high school uniforms when guest starring in variety shows, the style of the main cast is like a girl band member. Nice!

10. Not only working together, the crew and cast of Battle for Happiness build family-like intimacy during filming

In kdramas, the characters above are at each other’s throats. But the behind-the-scenes portrait of the kdrama Battle for Happiness is proof that they successfully acted in totality because the audience was carried away by their emotions. If you’re curious about the intrigue that Lee El and other characters in the kdrama Battle for Happiness, don’t miss watching!

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