7 Facts about Han Hyo Joo’s Role in Believer 2, Ready to Add Tension!

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A new character who is the key to the mystery of Mr. Lee

Fans of the movie Believer will soon see its second season released on Netflix. The first Believer movie in 2018 successfully garnered more than five million viewers. It’s no wonder that the second season of Believer, which is referred to as a midquel to the first film’s story, is so anticipated.

Although Ryu Jun Yeol stepped down and was replaced by Oh Seung Hoon for the role of Seo Young Rak, Han Hyo Joo was included in the line-up. This Moving (2023) actress will play a new character. Want to know what kind of character she plays? Find out the following seven facts, let’s go!

1. Han Hyo Joo’s role is Big Knife. She is one of Mr. Lee’s subordinates, the leader of the largest drug cartel in Asia.

2. Since Mr. Lee’s true form is unknown, there are many people who use his name. Big Knife will take care of those people.

3. Already considering Mr. Lee as a father, Big Knife is merciless when it comes to teaching those who use Mr. Lee’s name a lesson.

4. Big Knife is also the only person who knows Mr. Lee’s true identity. Big Knife’s presence will add to the suspense.

5. In the first film, Brian (Cha Seung Won) claimed to be Mr. Lee. However, Big Knife’s gaze on him seems unfriendly in the trailer.

6. The character of Big Knife himself was originally a male character. However, the gender was changed because the director wanted to recruit Han Hyo Joo.

7. Han Hyo Joo went to great lengths to play Big Knife, from not drinking for 3 days to tone her muscles to wearing false teeth.

Han Hyo Joo’s transformation as Big Knife is highly anticipated. The actress herself has put in her best effort so as not to tarnish the reputation of the previous Believer movie. Don’t miss the premiere of Believer 2 on November 17, 2023 only on Netflix!

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