4 Still Cuts of Korean Movie Exhuma, Kim Go Eun and Lee Do Hyun Become Shamans!

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Both of them exude a strong aura in Exhuma movie still cut

Exhuma movie still cut (Doc. Showbox)

After a long wait, Showbox finally released a still cut of the movie Exhuma, on Wednesday (29/11/2023). For information, Exhuma is an occult mystery film that tells the story of a series of mysterious events experienced by a leading feng shui expert, funeral director, and shaman after relocating a suspicious grave in exchange for money.

Interestingly, Exhuma’s still cut directly introduces the four main players, including Kim Go Eun and Lee Do Hyun. Suddenly becoming shamans, their strong aura in the still cut immediately sparked fans’ enthusiasm. Here’s a still cut of the movie Exhuma.

1. Kim Go Eun appears to be performing a ritual

Exhuma movie still cut (Doc. Showbox)

Kim Go Eun suddenly became a shaman in the still cut of the movie Exhuma. The artist under BH Entertainment was seen wearing traditional blue clothes.

Playing the role of Hwarim, a shaman who specializes in calming troubled spirits, Kim Go Eun seemed focused on performing a ritual by looking up while closing her eyes.

Radiating a strong aura as a shaman, Kim Go Eun’s appearance in the still cut of Exhuma has drawn praise.

2. Lee Do Hyun shows off his tattoos on both arms

Exhuma movie still cut (Doc. Showbox)

Not only Kim Go Eun, the still cut featuring Lee Do Hyun’s character also stole the show. How not? Usually appearing clean, this time the actor who is still undergoing military service appears eccentric with a number of tattoos on both arms.

In the movie directed by occult master Jang Jae Hyun, Lee Do Hyun will also appear as a shaman named Bong Gil.

3. Choi Min Sik carefully checks the ground

Exhuma movie still cut (Doc. Showbox)

In addition, Choi Min Sik’s appearance as a feng shui expert named Sang Deok was also revealed. In the still cut, Sang Deok is seen inspecting the land that is likely to be used as a new grave site.

4. Yoo Hae Jin takes care of the coffin

Exhuma movie still cut (Doc. Showbox)

Lastly, there is Yoo Hae Jin who plays a funeral attendant named Young Geun. As per his profession, the still cut shows Young Geun’s character taking care of the coffin in the morgue.

Yups! Not only Kim Go Eun and Lee Do Hyun who show off a strong aura as shamans, but the still cut featuring the characters starring Choi Min Sik and Yoo Hae Jin also looks convincing to invite curiosity. Along with the release of the still cut, Showbox also announced that Exhuma will air in February 2024.

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