Jo Jung Min Diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer, So Far Hidden

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Jo Jung Min says she may not be able to perform anymore

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Shocking news came from Korean artist Jo Jung Min. Recently, the singer and actress suddenly revealed that she had thyroid cancer while performing in a singing contest she was participating in.

Surely the news about her deteriorating health condition immediately invited public sympathy, so that they prayed for her recovery. To find out more, here’s the full news about Jo Ju Min who was diagnosed with thyroid cancer.

1. Korean artist Jo Jung Min reveals his cancer illness during an appearance on MBN’s Hyun Yuk Ga Wang

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Jo Jung Min revealed his health condition to the public during MBN channel’s singing contest Hyun Yuk Ga Wang, which aired on Tuesday (11/13/2023). During

At that time, he sang the song “Ready, cue” which was greeted with loud applause.

Despite receiving a very lively reception from the audience, unfortunately the judges only gave her a score of 13, the lowest in the contest. After receiving the score, she revealed that she might not be able to sing the song again.

“There is a possibility that I will never be able to sing this song again,” said Jo Jung Min, which confused the audience and the judges.

2. Hiding his condition from everyone, Jo Jung Min will undergo surgery and says he may not be able to perform again

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It turns out that the reason Jo Jung Min may not be able to sing “Ready, cue” again is because she was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. In fact, the 1983-born singer just underwent surgery in June which invited public sympathy.

To be honest, I had thyroid cancer surgery in June. So, I thought I would never be able to sing this song “Ready, cue” again. I hid the procedure from everyone, including my mom. But today I can sing,” she explains.

3. Jo Jung Min still tries to entertain the audience

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However, despite her current condition that makes her unable to perform optimally on stage, Jo Jung Min stated that she hopes her song can entertain both herself and the audience listening to her at the singing contest.

“I want to entertain not only myself, but everyone who listens,” continued The Cursed Lesson star.

Singer Lee Ji Hye also praised Jo Jung Min for revealing his health condition after getting a score from the judges for his performance. Although he received the lowest score, he was happy to be able to perform and entertain the audience. We wish him a speedy recovery!

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