5 Reasons You Should Have Personal Health Insurance

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Health is important for every human being, so its protection is also very important. The benefits of health insurance have been felt by many people, especially in minimizing the financial impact due to the risk of disease in the future.

Health insurance that is needed by the public in general is one that can give them peace of mind and complement the comfort of life at an affordable cost.

Therefore, people are starting to realize the importance of having personal health insurance. The main reason is that personal health insurance can overcome health costs quickly in the event of a medical emergency.

Not to mention the fact that health costs in Indonesia have been increasing year by year. The 2020 Global Medical Trends Survey Report released by the Willis Tower Watson firm stated that gross medical inflation or health costs in Indonesia in 2019 increased by almost 10% from the previous year. While this year, health costs are predicted to skyrocket again up to 11%. This increase is allegedly higher than the average health costs in Asia Pacific countries which touched the 7% level.

Given the increasing trend of health costs, having personal insurance is a wise decision. Why?

The Importance of Having Personal Health Insurance

1. Access to Many Hospitals

Because they have been present in Indonesia for a long time, private insurance companies have worked with many partner hospitals that are competent and ready to serve prospective patients. With a wide and varied network of hospitals, you can choose the hospital you want.
For example, we can look for hospital locations close to where we live or find a hospital where our regular doctor practices.

2. Easier Process

With a large network of hospitals, health insurance offers easier procedural services for policyholders when at the hospital. For example, some types of diseases do not require a referral system that requires patients to bring a letter of recommendation from a specialist. This certainly speeds up the treatment process.
This means that you can visit health facilities, both clinics and hospitals at any time as long as they work with your insurance. We can even choose the doctor we want. This is why many people choose personal health insurance as their health protection.

3. Save Time

Long queues are something we avoid when we are sick. But what the heck, most of the time, we have to wait for hours. This is especially inconvenient if you’re accompanying an elderly person or a young child.
Moreover, the quota of inpatients is limited. This condition will require us to go back and forth to the hospital to check the availability of inpatient rooms.
By having personal health insurance, we can have a shorter flow so that we can be treated quickly, and save time and energy.

4. Enjoy Cashless Facilities

With health protection, we don’t need to carry cash to the hospital, especially if we suddenly have to go to the Emergency Room (IGD). If your health insurance has a cashless feature, you only need to show your insurance card at the hospital counter. After that, the cost will be guaranteed in advance by the insurance to the hospital.
One insurance that has a Cashless feature is Manulife Indonesia. With this feature, Manulife will help cover patient costs if there is a risk of illness, so that your finances can remain protected.

5. Cash Compensation

Another benefit offered by private insurance is the cash compensation provided while the patient is hospitalized. This benefit is useful for the patient’s family who waits at the hospital every day, as a substitute for transportation costs or family hospitalization costs.
The five reasons above prove that health insurance provides more convenience. With private insurance, you don’t have to wait long for services, can choose hospitals and specialists, and choose more attractive treatment rooms.
Therefore, you need to be careful in choosing insurance that provides the benefits described above. Well, one that should be an option is MiUltimate HealthCare. This is a pure health insurance product developed by Manulife Indonesia with various advantages and benefits for customers.
Some of the advantages include inpatient facilities with a 1-bed room, reimbursement of hospital fees according to bills, and room fee benefits of 3x the selected plan if you are treated abroad. This applies in all Manulife partner hospitals around the world, except the United States. This is very useful for those of you who often travel abroad or even stay for a while in another country.
So with all the benefits that have been described, why wait to have health insurance? Remember, your health is a priority. Agreed?

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