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 Apparently a former JYP trainee

Shin Eun Soo in the drama Twinkling Watermelon (

Shin Eun Soo’s profile and biodata are currently the subject of conversation among Korean drama fans. Not only domestic and international netizens, even knetz also praised the acting of this 2002-born actress.
Because, in the drama Twinkling Watermelon, Shin Eun Soo managed to bring the character Yoon Cheong Ah very nicely. Moreover, her acting as a disabled person, she is able to present sign language that looks elegant.
Her acting and chemistry with her co-star Choi Hyun Wook also managed to make the audience feel bad. Before becoming an actress, it turns out that Shin Eun Soo was once a trainee at JYP Entertainment too. Check out Shin Eun Soo’s profile in full below!

1. Shin Eun Soo’s bio

Shin Eun Soo in the drama Twinkling Watermelon (

  • Name: Shin Eun Soo
  • Date of Birth: October 23, 2002
  • Height: 167 cm
  • Body Weight: 48 kg
  • Education:

– Seoul Eunjeong Elementary School

– Bongyeong Girls’ Middle School

– Anyang Arts High School (Department of Theater and Film)

– Dongguk University (Department of Theater/not yet graduated)

  • Agency: NPO Entertainment
  • Debut: 2016
  • Instagram: su1023_

2. Shin Eun Soo’s career journey

potret Shin Eun Soo (

On one occasion, the Twinkling Watermelon drama player attended The Kiss Radio event hosted by YoungK Day6. During the event, YoungK revealed that Shin Eun Soo and he had undergone training together under JYP. 

Currently, Shin Eun Soo is one of the actresses under Npio Entertainment, a subsidiary of JYP Entertainment. Starting her steps in the entertainment world as an idol trainee at the age of 13, Shin Eun Soo finally made her debut as the lead in the movie Vanishing Time: A Boy Who Returned in 2016.
Although he had never acted before, Eun Soo managed to prove his talent in acting by winning the Popular Movie Star award at The Night of Stars: Korea Top Star Awards 2016.

3. Works and achievements

Summer Strike drama trailer (doc. Instagram/channel.ena.d)


1. Homme Fatale (2019) as Sook-Jung

2. Illang: The Wolf Brigade (2018) as Jaehee Lee

3. Vanishing Time: A Boy Who Returned (2016) as Oh Soo-Rin


1. The Legend of the Blue Sea (SBS / 2016-2017) as young Sim Chung

2. School of Magic (Naver TV-JTBC/2017) as Han Yi-Seul

3. Bad Papa (MBC / 2018) as Yoo Young-Sun

4. Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol (KBS2/2020) as Jin Ha-Young

5. Bloody Heart (KBS2/2022) as young Yoo Jung

6. A Model Family (Netflix/2022) as Park Yeon-Woo

7. Summer Strike (ENA-Genie TV-Seezn/2022) as Kim Bom

8. Twinkling Watermelon (tvN/2023) as Yoon Chung-Ah

Special drama

1. Nineteen Otters (KBS2/2022) as Kim Jae-Young

2. SF8: Baby It’s Over Outside (MBC / 2020) as Hye-Hwa

3. Drama Stage: Anthology (tvN / 2018) as Shin So-Yi

Achievements and accomplishments

1. Winner of Special Short Drama Actress at the Drama Special: Nineteen Otters – KBS Drama Awards 2022 held on December 31, 2022

2. Winner of Best Child Actor & Actress in the drama Bad Papa – MBC Drama Awards 2018 held on December 30, 2018

3. Winner of Popular Movie Star in The Night of Stars – Korea Top Star Awards 2016

4. Yoon Cheong Ah in Twinkling Watermelon

Choi Hyun Wook and Shin Eun Soo in the drama Twinkling Watermelon (doc. Instagram/tvn_drama)

Thanks to her acting in the drama Twinkling Watermelon, Shin Eun Soo’s name became the center of attention of Korean drama fans. Eun Soo successfully played the character of Yoon Cheong Ah, a deaf student who has lived in silence since birth.

Yoon Cheong Ah is told to have a cold personality and not have many friends. Cheong Ah expresses her thoughts through painting and writing. 

In this drakor, Eun Soo managed to convey Cheong Ah’s emotions well even though only with facial expressions and sign language. Thanks to her acting, Shin Eun Soo is said to have the most prominent role in this drama.

Well, that’s the profile and biodata of Shin Eun Soo, the actor Yoon Cheong Ah in the drama Twinkling Watermelon. This drama ended with a significant increase in ratings in its last episode.

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